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02/04/2008: ""

I finally went down to our boats this morning and cleaned all of the snow off of them. I only had a tiny red shovel to do it with but it went in, I didn't slip and plunge to my death beneath the icy waters.

sailboat-snow-shovel-douglas-harbor-rozinante (68k image)

On the way out, I noticed an eagle flying overhead and I followed it to where it landed and got a couple of nice shots.

eagle-landing-douglas-harbor-alaska (98k image)

eagle-landing-douglas-harbor-alaska2 (93k image)

It's still snowing, by the way. I wanted to ski down to the boats, or wear snowshoes, but I couldn't find them. It depressed me to realize that they're still in storage from the summer. It's February and I haven't been out yet. Mostly because of my back injury but that's getting better so I can't use it as an excuse forever.

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on Tuesday, February 5th, dad said

love the pictures :P

on Tuesday, February 5th, Elise said

Hey papa, thanks. I thought you'd like those.