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02/22/2008: "Foggy Bottoms"

I received an email from Philip Tobias yesterday who wrote a great little article called How to Buy Cheap Art on Art Blogs. Of course, I'm biased because he wrote the following about me:

" Elise Tomlinson is a visual artist and writer from Douglas Island, Alaska. She has a strong interest in painting whimsical, colorful nudes and landscapes. She is also an expert photographer. Her use of color is absolutely breathtaking. Elise also makes spooky ceramics. She blogs about life, her inspirations, and life in Alaska. Make sure to browse Elise Tomlinson's many galleries."

Very very cool! Thanks Philip!

I really needed the boost...This week has been a really tough one for me. I started having an arthritis flare up on Sat. and it lasted all the way through to yesterday. That is a pretty long time, especially since it affected my right side, including my arm, shoulder, and neck. Not being able to move pretty much ruled out painting (or blogging for that matter).

I get so demoralized by my health issues which seem to be never ending. I am finally seeing a Dietician/Nutritionist and she seems to think the majority of my woes can be fixed from dietary changes. After she develops a plan for me, Iíll most likely have to do some kind of cleanse followed by slow integration of various foods back into my diet. Iím *not* looking forward to it.

However, she thinks that once I eliminate these foods from my diet I should not have these inflammation problems which means I can paint (and work out) regularly without pain. That might be worth giving up pizza, beer, and ice cream for. Well, maybe...

Here in Juneau we have a rare combination of low hanging fog and sunshine. This makes everything feel like you're walking "into the light" so to speak. It's pretty in a very unnatural way that's making me feel a bit of irrational exuberance.

Happy weekend everyone!

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on Friday, February 22nd, Juneau Eco Mommie said

Elise, my husband has a handful of health problems from lyme disease, to sudden death syndrome (now he has a defibulator). All of this and he's only 40. So don't feel so bad about your health issues, a nutritionalists is a great start, I truly believe in natural remedies if possible. Your eating habits as you know controls so much of your bodies functions. As a yoga teacher I know that there is a lot with yoga that you can do to help with your pain. So stay positive and keep and open mind. I can't wait for you to paint a portrait of my son. So get better!!! :D

on Friday, February 22nd, Rod said

I can see why Philip Tobias selected you, if you Google 'Artist Blog', Your website is the fourth one listed. Plus your art and blogging is great.

What a serendipitous day for you!

Now you're gonna get rich off all the art you sell online and then you two can sail to your hearts' content.

BTW, I'll take up your slack in the beer and pizza category until you feel better, think of it as my wedding present. :cool:

See you and Aaron in July!

on Saturday, February 23rd,">Phillip Tobias said

Actually, I picked Elise because I love her art. I found her blog while "googling" Alaska as I am planning a move there. Not everyone has motives. I wanted to celebrate her amazing talent. If I bring some traffic to her blog I am happy.

on Saturday, February 23rd,">Phillip Tobias said

Reading Rod's comment again I realize I was a little hypersensitive. I recently had my heart broken so I'm I'm a moody. Be well!

on Saturday, February 23rd, Elise said

Hi Juneau Eco Mommie, thanks for the encouragement. I'm sorry to hear about your husbands problems, it sounds very scary. And I do agree that wholistic medicine can be wonderful. I'm looking to start taking yoga classes at the Alaska Club as soon as my ribs/back is up for it.

And hi Rod! I'm so excited that you're coming up for the wedding (or down, will you be in Anchorage or Tucson?)

Anyway, very exciting!!!

Phillip! No worries about hypersensitivity, you're talking to the hypersensitivity club president and charter member! And nothing sucks as much as a broken heart, nothing.

thanks for you kind words again, they mean a lot to me!

on Sunday, February 24th,">Phillip Tobias said

Thank you so much Elise! Congrats on your wedding!!!