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03/17/2008: "New Double Ds and a Rocky Mountain Vapor"

Well, I've started my "cleanse" diet and it's terrible. I'm restricted from eating almost everything; last week I felt like the walking dead. Today I feel a bit better...but I'm supposed to eat this way for an entire month! Then I'll start adding foods back to see which I'm allergic to.

I had blood tests and found I have incredibly low vitamin D levels. Like, one of the lowest scores the Dr. had ever seen, so now I take 2 vitamin Ds a day, 5,000IUs each! The doc said nearly everyone in the Pacific Northwest is severely deficient (in vitamin D).

Then on Friday I was working late and one of the custodians let my honey in and he surprised me with a new bike! A Rocky Mountain Vapor! It is sooooo cool!

07-vapor (45k image)

We went for a ride around campus (I rode, he walked, as he still doesn't have a bike) and I was amazed at how well it performed. We went up some steep hills that would have kicked my ass on my old bike (RIP).

Anyway, it is the *best* and I'm so happy that I can ride it and that it didn't exacerbate my back. Aaron got it for me as encouragement for trying to get healthier and because he knows how hard this incredibly restrictive diet has been for me.

We were invited to a St. Patrick's Day party this weekend but didn't go because while I might be able to party without beer, the food would have been a different story. I've been cooking a lot since starting this whole thing and it takes an incredible amount of time and energy when you can't eat any processed foods.

I didn't get any painting done either. I did a lot of cooking and cycling and reading, but the canvases just sit there taunting me. I'm running out of time and wonder if having the wedding and show in the same month was such a great idea?

Oh well, wheels in motion now.

And speaking of wheels in motion, have any of you checked out Google Maps "Street View" yet? They don't have it for all cities yet but they have it for Juneau. Go to Google Maps and type in Savikko Rd. Douglas, AK 99824. Then select "Street View" and put your little cursor on the end of the street where it makes the final turn. If you use the arrows to turn around you can see the beach and shelters etc where the wedding will be this summer. That little boat harbor there is where Aaron and I keep our sailboats.

Anyway, you can look at my house too, right down to the junk on the porch from last summer! It's cool but also a little creepy. It takes potential stalking to a whole new level. So what's the verdict? Cool or Creepy?

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on Monday, March 17th, juneau eco mommie said

You're bike looks great! I am waiting to buy a good one when I finally get to Juneau (6 weeks and counting), let me know on how it rides on the trails and such. Did Aaron buy it at a local bike shop, or. . .? Good luck with it all, glad to see you're half way detoxed and still alive.
-Erin-- j.e.m. :hehe:

on Tuesday, March 18th, Anji Gallanos said

Hi Elise

I just sent you an email but sometimes my emails get sent to spam so I thought I'd leave you a note. I really love your blog site so I thought I'd tell you so.

The Creating Place

on Tuesday, March 18th, Elise said

Hi Erin,
I'm happy that you're so excited about moving back to Juneau. Aaron bought the bike at a local bike shop, I can't remember the name but I can get it for you if you like.

And I'm only about a quarter through detox, but yes, still kicking more or less.
And Hi Anji! Thanks! I will check my email asap.

on Tuesday, March 18th, berry connell said

Well, even though I'm still not "rich" enough for my own .com, I am getting a bit smarter with my craft....
I think.
As in, I started a dedicated art blog without the extra nonsense that I like doing (videos of my blogging buddies and their avatars doing various things....)
And, the address is at

Now, let's see if I can keep it from getting cluttered up, eh?

on Tuesday, March 18th, berry connell said

Oh, and congrats on the new bike!
It will help you trim off unwanted weight, though, it's primarily because all bikes weigh about 32 pounds.
Oh, I know you're thinking that yours is lighter than that, but, here's the best clue you'll get for the bike.

A serious chain/lock system.

Worse thing to see is, upon leaving the coffee shop as a warm spot on the sidewalk where the shadow of your bike was warmiong it up before....

on Wednesday, March 19th, berry connell said

and, due to my own shortage of pictures (I had PLENTY of pictures, only, just not all framed) and an abundance of frames of unusal sizes, and the subsequent discovery that I didn't like the alkyds because they "lost" my rich darks (berry, you snob! Just go use some black! )
anyway, I've wandered into a new class....
First decent watercolor in a b'zillion years from this ol' brusher...As soon as I remember the new password for the dedicated art blog, I'll put it over there, but, until then, it's at Grabbing the Bull by the Horns.

No laughing....