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05/19/2008: "Ups and Downs and loooooong flights of stairs"

Well, this past weekend my intended and I went to an open house where we viewed our dream home. The current owner is a painter too, and has a lovely little studio by some big windows with a stunning view...and the basement had a shop where my honey could build his fantasy wooden ketch sailboat. Not to mention the wood stove where I could burn stuff, and the huge deck overlooking downtown Juneau and the Channel.

It's in the neighborhood where he grew up, Star Hill, and as it turns out, I've had a print of the house done by Rie Munoz (a gift from a close friend who visited me here in Juneau years ago) hanging up in our bedroom for years.

I thought it was a sign!

We did all the paperwork to get pre-approved for a mortgage (which we did) but in the end, cooler heads prevailed. That is, we have recently set up financial goals for ourselves and a plan to get out of debt and getting this house didn't fit into the plan.

So, we decided to let it go, for now.

Instead we're going to fix up the cute little place where we currently live (and can afford) and continue to try and get out of debt and save for a bigger place without risking financial ruin.

I'm sharing all this because last night I talked to my dad and he said "you know, you really should update your blog more often", this one's for you dad!

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on Tuesday, May 20th, Joan said

Dave Ramsey would be proud of you. "Better than I deserve!"

on Tuesday, May 20th, Elise said

Hi Joan,
I had to look up "Dave Ramsey" as I've never heard of he a good financial guru?

I have watched Suze Orman though, and I had a similar thought...that she'd be proud of me.

The way the cost of energy is sky-rocketing though, it really was a pretty easy decision to make. We just don't earn enough.

on Wednesday, May 21st, Joan said

I listen to Dave in the afternoon when I travel for home health. He makes sense to me for the most part. As spouse is an agriculture person, we kind of go by different rules. The basic gist of his work is one doesn't purchase with what one doesn't have. In plainer terms, "the same advice your grandmother would give you....but we keep our teeth in." He has a list of steps to financial freedom to "live like nobody else so you can live like nobody else,"...."don't be normal!" I haven't been convinced of the no credit cards rule yet but I think I have an in born rule in me to be very tight about money. After this many years of spending money on matters out of my hands, I'm pretty tight on granting my wishes to myself.

How are others in your area who are not as stable able to make it? Is gas as high there as here? Steve said we've crossed the $4/gallon line in western state already. These times, they are a'changin' for sure. better or worse.

Now positive....think about your wedding....(not preparation). Okay, that's better.

on Thursday, May 22nd, Elise said

My mom used to say "Owe no man anything, except to love him"...something like that, from the bible...still good advice!

We are well on our way to financial freedom, reading a couple of great books on financial planning.

Paying off the credit card is priority number one.

And yes, gas has reached the $4/gallon page here as well. It's funny because I update my Alaskan FAQ from time to time and one of the things I mention is the price of gas. It has made me aware of how quickly the prices have been rising (not that the huge bills at the pump haven't been a clue!)