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05/20/2008: "A "Sun" Day, Three Little Bears, and a little Toot Toot"

When you live in a rain forest and the sun comes out after weeks and weeks of rain, people will sometimes leave work early or take what's locally referred to as a "Sun Day". Aaron's boss canceled their evening work plans last night because of the glorious sunshine so we were able to go for a walk through Last Chance Basin.

On our way back we saw a mama bear and her adorable cubs right along the side of Basin Road near Gold Creek. They were *so* close, it was a little scary actually, but we stopped and watched them forage and play for quite awhile (there was a car pulled over near us that we could have jumped in if the mama had charged).

All the plants are really coming up now too. The leaves on the trees seemed to come out full-grown overnight. Fiddlehead ferns (one of my favorite things to paint) are in various stages of unfurling and the skunk cabbage blossoms (another fav) are in their peak state of pointed yellowness. If it's not raining after work tonight, I plan to go back up there and take photos of all the little living bits starting to poke out.

Our walk really inspired me artistically. I've been in kind of a dark and cold space for awhile (literally). Right before our walk Aaron told me we received an $900 oil bill! So, in addition to the 500% increase in our electric bill, our oil bills have doubled! I am feeling very poor, and yet, there is *nothing* like the sun on my face to rouse the muse. Plus, despite the high cost of living I feel like I really *am* living and there's no where else on the planet I'd rather be.

btw, I asked Redimat to send me a copy of the article they wrote about me in their newsletter (unbeknownst to me) and they did. It's the most glowing thing I've ever read about myself, made me sound like a rock star! I only wish it were true!

"A multimedia and figurative artist, Elise Tomlinson's blog combines the best-practice tools and methods that rise small talented sectors into social media giants. Her blog is more than a working artist's journal - it's a multi-faceted blend of slice-of-life personal diary, gallery and marketing artblog."

I'm listening...

"Reader comments provide evidence of Tomlinson's social power and the support from engaged audiences that are as reflectively diverse as the many facets expressed through her chronicles. "

Go on...

"Altogether, it's a blogging work of art and genius that makes a bold, impressive statement in the blogosphere."

I'm blushing...

Replies: 4 Comments

on Tuesday, May 20th, AL said

You have "social power!"
Where do I get some of that? Glad to hear the sun is shining down upon you Juneauites. Now maybe some of you wwon't be so cranky! (Ha! You know who I'm talking about!)

Enjoy the sunshine! And post some pics of the skunk cabbage, I forget what it looks like! Do you ever cook up some fiddleheads to have w/ your dinner? yum!

on Tuesday, May 20th, Elise said

Hi Al,
Where can you get some "social power"? I'll let you know if I actually ever get some!
And yes, I think I know who you're talking about...everyone in these parts are in pretty elevated moods at the moment so you may want to strike while the iron's hot!
And I will post some of my photos from tonight (though it's already clouded over again).

People here eat fiddleheads sauteed in a little butter, but I've never tried them. I've always wanted to try them, it just seems cruel eating veal or cut a plant down while it's still a baby.

on Wednesday, May 28th,">greg said

heh, well yr just plain awesome!!!

Even resisting moving to wunnerful WA shows your resolve and steel! :D

Keep up the good!

on Sunday, June 8th,">Toby said

Your picture are beautiful. We moved up to Alaska 2 years ago and we love it. We live here by choice. We could have relocated almost anywhere in the USA and we choose Alaska. We had a small home built between Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska. We are from Louisiana. I had only dreamed about living the kind of live we are now living in Alaska. I don't think that I could live back down there in the heat and high humidity. The only thing I do miss about Louisiana is our family and the food. The food in south Louisiana, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, is some of the best in the world.