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08/10/2008: "Why I live here..."

Well, still no photos from the wedding. I'm waiting until I get the professional ones from my friend Patrick who is getting back from Mexico next week.

I just had to post some photos of the sunset from last night though. Aaron noticed it out the window and I grabbed my camera and went tearing down the street to the beach to get better shots. These haven't been manipulated in PhotoShop or anything, the color was *way* intense but only lasted like that for a few minutes.


alaska-august-sunset-cruise-ships (43k image)

The light looked beautiful against the cruise ships docked downtown.

alaska-juneau-cruise-ship-pink-sunset2 (52k image)

Close up of one of the cruise ships.

alaska-august-sunset-downto (46k image)

alaska-august-sunset-juneau-to-douglas-bridge (46k image)

A neighbor with a house on stilts let me onto their porch to get some shots up the channel towards the Douglas Bridge.

alaska-august-sunset-misty-trees (43k image)

Here's a close up of how the trees on the mountainside looked with the bright colored mist floating around them. It almost looked like a forest fire.

alaska-august-sunset-pink-m (38k image)

But it only lasted a minute or two, then the colors started changing to light pink.

alaska-fishing-boat-triple-rainbow (36k image)

Aaron noticed this triple rainbow heading down the channel in the opposite direction. The anchored fishing boat was a nice addition.

Replies: 14 Comments

on Monday, August 11th, Juneau Eco Mommie said

i know beautiful right! can't wait to see the wedding photos.

on Monday, August 11th, AL said

What a spectacular sunset!

on Monday, August 11th, Elise said

I was thinking of you recently, wondering how you're settling in with all the cruddy weather we've been having. Did you actually see that sunset last night? Photos can't really do it justice; it made my insides feel vibraty.
And hi AL, wish you were here!

on Monday, August 11th, marja-leena said

Fantastic photos of an amazing sunset, what a catch!

Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos, Elise.

on Monday, August 11th, Elise said

Thanks Marja-leena! I have some wedding photos already but I want to wait until I see all of them.

on Tuesday, August 12th, Dorothea said

Congratulations on your marital bliss!!! Love all the photos that you've taken/posted since I've been wandering offline. I've moved to the Golden Heart city and am (busily) waiting for school to begin. Maybe after graduation (years down the road) I will find a job in Juneau - well it's ok to dream for now!

on Wednesday, August 13th, Elise said

Yes, it's always good to dream...!

on Thursday, August 14th, bevy said

Great shots! Thanks for sharing! :D

on Monday, August 18th, Brian said

The one of the bridge with the low clouds is awesome!

on Tuesday, August 19th, subi said

geesh!!! what awesome beauty!!! i can't wait to see the wedding pics, so far I have seen Ricky's !!! you look beautiful!!! how was the honeymoon??????? :)

on Wednesday, August 20th, berry connell said

What great skies!

on Friday, August 22nd, Nancy Fernando said

Its a superb sunset pictures, the closest shot of cruise ship looks nice.
Nancy Fernando

on Friday, August 22nd, Elise said

Thanks everyone, it really was a stunning evening.

on Monday, August 25th, jchoate said

Great pics! Your site has been an inspiration to me. Got my own blog on now. Come see me:
Got you linked. Thanks for the inspiration.