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08/28/2008: "Obamamania and Agrizoophobia"

All I can say is WOW!

Did anyone catch Obama's acceptance speech tonight? I was in tears...I couldn't believe how excited and hopeful I felt. I don't dislike McCain at all; I think he's a good guy...but holy crap! I can't believe how much I suddenly want Obama to win!

In other news, I think a bear was right outside our open bedroom window last night. Earlier in the day the bar owner next door asked if I'd seen the bear that had been hanging out behind our house. I said that we'd heard some heavy breathing awhile back and he said that was probably him (or her). He said to watch out, that our bedroom window wouldn't stop the bear if he wanted to get in. I know *a lot* of people who've had bears come into there homes through doors and windows so I knew he was right but I have one of those stick locks so you can keep the window open a bit for fresh air.

So at 3:00am a noise woke me up and coming back from the bathroom I heard a really loud animal growly noise right outside our bedroom window. I froze still, my heart was POUNDING! I wanted to run away but I couldn't leave Aaron there asleep to be eaten so I just stood there frozen for over 5 minutes, which is a *really* long time. Finally I got up the courage to go check outside and the bear had gone so I fully closed and locked the window and got back into bed.

I whispered "are you awake" and he mumbled that he was. I said "did you hear that?" (My heart was still hammering away) and he said "I guess I'm not awake".

I on the other hand, laid there for hours wondering if it would come back. The funny thing is that I've seen lots of bears out in the wild and even had one come and sniff around our tent when I was camping with Rick and my sister, and nothing has freaked me out as much as this encounter last night.

Tomorrow I may pick up some pepper spray to keep next to the bed. Just in case. I may also pick up a couple of Obama/Biden yard signs. Just in case! Hey, DARE TO DREAM!

One other thing, I could'nt find a name for the phobia for fear of bears! Agrizoophobia is the fear of wild animals, that's the closest I could get. I mean, there's a word for fear of flutes, (Aulophobia)- fear of books (Bibliophobia) - Fear of blushing (Ereuthrophobia) - Fear of ideas (Ideophobia) - Fear of stooping (Kyphophobia) - and Fear of returning home (Nostrophobia)....but no word for a fear of huge man-eating bears! At least that I could find.

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on Friday, August 29th, dad said

not to bust your Oboma bubble, but what do you think of Mcain V.P :P I SAW oboma speach and thought it was fairly good for a bunch of sound bits, if I would have been leaning that way I WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY INPRESSED.

on Friday, August 29th, Elise said

Hi dad,
I wondered if you watched his speach. I'm glad that you *would* have been impressed...if you had been leaning that way!
I'm not sure how I feel about Palin. She has been a decent governor, and our lieutenant governor Parnel is in a close primary race with Don Young for a US House seat.

Not sure who would become governor if that happens!

As for her as a VP candidate, I'm not sure. She obviously has zero foreign policy experience and McCain is 72 years old. Both his father and grandfather died from heart attacks younger than he is now and being president is a stressful job.

Governor Palin would be one heartbeat (as they say) away from running the country. I honestly don't think she's ready.

On the other hand, if Obama died in office, Senator Biden has the chops to step in.

Either way, this move on McCain's part has really stolen Obama's thunder from his AWESOME speech last night. I just hope it get's a bit of coverage after this morning's buzz calms down.
It's going to be a historic election no matter which side gets elected. Exciting times!

on Saturday, August 30th, Bea said

As far as the fear of bears, how about NORMAL and showing clear judgement (as we know what happens when judgement is impaired related to this) ;) ;)

on Wednesday, September 3rd,">tom said


on Wednesday, September 3rd, Elise said

Hey Tom,
Sorry, I have my reasons!

on Wednesday, September 3rd,">tom said

Oh yeah, Julie told me why :)

on Wednesday, September 3rd,">cindy said

What happened to your post about Palin? I enjoyed it a lot! And wanted to reread? I agree & thanks for pointing out numerically how ridiculous the woman is!

on Saturday, September 6th, berry connell said

Not getting much love locally on my choice, that's for sure. A registered Republican, I guess, is expected to vote the party line despite the truth.
As I see it, the truth is that there's some danged connection to bin laden and the policies this nation has been following.
We've sacrificed over four thousand lives of our nation's children for a grip on OIL?!?! Occupation and oil?!?
And bin laden lives comfortably in his mountains?
Protected by the US government?!

No, I'm not voting Republican, I don't care if my DOG was running on the Democratic ticket!

That's right... I think my dog with a note in his mouth would make a better president than any Republicant right now.

I'm not going off, again, am I?

You're still married....send the man outside at night!
Actually, I had a clever method of avoiding being eaten by a bear when in Yosemite...

I carried a tupperware container.
Inside the container was a quart baggie filled with Honey....


I always hoped I could rip into the container fast enough, pull out the baggie and toss it at the bear

Could be nonsense. But the alternative was buying a .44 magnum or at least a .357, wait till the danged thing was close enough, poke a mitt full of bullets at its face and then run like all get out.

Thing is....bears were here first.
There first.
It's their land we're on.
So, the honey doesn't sound so bad, eh?

on Saturday, September 6th, Dorothea said

"Don't elect Scary Sarah!"

Berry, are you *sure* you're a Republican? =)

Elise, I was about to leave a comment on your other post a few days earlier when it dissapeared. :(

Here's part of what I was going to say: Funny tidbit - I overheard a guy talking on the phone: "Everybody thinks that the Republicans are a bunch of old fogies. Well here's this young beautiful woman..."

Uh, nope don't think so, we know they look and even act a lot like normal sane people, just like you and me...I can think of many relatives and even husbands and wives that cancel each others votes out, so to speak. Though the comment does lend credence to a rumor I heard that she was only elected for her looks. Now *that* was mean of me to say. I'll be nice now, I promise.