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09/21/2008: "Rainy Day Hike"

I went for another hike on Mount Roberts can see that the colors have changed even more since last weekend. It started raining and I got pretty wet, couldn't stop taking photos though so my camera got pretty wet.

Then I popped into the restaurant at the top of the tram and sat in the window seat overlooking the channel and had hot cocoa. It was pretty wonderful. Actually, I'm trying to get out for a walk every day, mostly before work, trying new trails to add a bit of adventure and exercise to my day.

I have to say, I love it! So superior to going to the gym. I'd trade florescent lights and the buzz of treadmills and the smell of sweat for misty morning skies, burbling brooks and the smell of rotting leaves any day of the week! It's good for the soul I tell ya!

mount-roberts-alpine17 (87k image)

mount-roberts-alpine12 (222k image)

mount-roberts-alpine6 (246k image)

mount-roberts-alpine4 (218k image)

mount-roberts-alpine18 (177k image)

mount-roberts-alpine5 (256k image)

mount-roberts-alpine25 (203k image)

mount-roberts-alpine3 (75k image)

mount-roberts-alpine10 (166k image)

mount-roberts-alpine9 (169k image)

mount-roberts-alpine8 (93k image)

Replies: 7 Comments

on Monday, September 22nd, marja-leena said

Gorgeous photos of amazing nature! Good for you, Elise, getting out for daily hikes! I love it too, over gyms, I just have to get back to doing it daily.

on Monday, September 22nd, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena!
The biggest problem for me is waking up early enough in the morning. Usually I get up with barely enough time to drink a cup of coffee and get dressed.

If I can get up early enough though, it really starts the day off so much better, energy know? It just puts me in a good mood.

Now if only I can keep it up once the snow starts falling!

on Wednesday, September 24th, Russ said

Please do!
You've got a Texan down here just ITCHING to get up there for Thanksgiving and enjoy that exotic thing, I think you call it "seasons?"


on Thursday, September 25th, Elise said

Hi Russ!
My dad and sister's family live in Texas and I think they're pretty happy to miss out on the seasons.


Well, I lived in Hawaii once, which is about as close to paradise as you can get. And yes, I suppose technically speaking they have seasons, but not like here.

I may have stayed on if it hadn't been for the lack of snow.

on Thursday, September 25th, kateri said

wow! beautiful photos

on Sunday, September 28th, Dorothea said

No way can Hawaii compare with Alaska. :cool: Yay, keep hiking, the pictures are wonderful, and it is food for the soul!

on Monday, September 29th, Judy Vars said

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :D