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02/25/2009: "Mock up and making it look good together"

Today I stayed home from work because last night all my joints decided to swell up at the same time and I was in a lot of pain.

After going stir crazy staying in bed most of the day, tonight I've created a new Photoshop doc with a white background to be a fake gallery wall (similar in size to what I'll have for my next show).

Next I made thumbnail size images of the paintings I've already done for my May opening, and also thumbnails of the PhotoShop mock-ups that I'd like to turn into paintings.

It's weird, because I have quite a few finished (or nearly finished) paintings that I *could* put in the show, but seeing them on my fake gallery wall made me realize that many of them don't really "go" together.

So, do I do new paintings that will go better with some of the others I've already finished, or go off on a new direction even though the paintings won't look very cohesive as a body of work?

Anyway, these are just academic questions, the important thing really is that I'm working again, and thinking about and seeing images...and WORKING....yes, that is the important bit.

It feels AWESOME (even if my bod feels a bit rough).

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on Thursday, February 26th, L said

If they are going to be framed, you could 'separate' the different styles that way. You need to decide what "it" means if you abandon some to create others to fit in. Have fun!

on Thursday, February 26th, Elise said

Hi L,
Hey, the framing is a good idea. You know, I came up with some pretty good possibilities on my fake gallery wall last night.

Now I just have to do the actual work of painting these pieces!

on Friday, February 27th, berry connell said

well, to be sure, I recognize that you're asking the question to yourself (good thing to do) but, this time you've really caught me up!
My own show, coming on April 24 (and which I am no way ready for) (I dunno, too much wood chopping and such) but the photoshop wall is an excellent idea!
I suppose it'll be OK if i use Corel photo paint....
but, still, what a great way to see what's it gonna look like....

on Thursday, March 5th, Elise said

Hey Berry, be sure to share with us what your photoshop wall looks like when you're done.