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03/08/2009: "A room of one's own"

Yesterday I painted my first new painting in my new studio. It was wonderful (the studio, not the painting). It is a small room, very crowded and a bit difficult to move around in, but I have all the essentials. My paints, brushes, and canvases...cable TV and DVD player, a computer with PhotoShop, a very powerful air purifier...and a door I can close.

Last night I watched Slither (for about the 20th time) while working on this new painting and it was heaven. Aaron told me that he would move all the boxes from our back room into our new storage unit so I could spend the afternoon painting. It is amazing to have such a supportive partner.

Anyway, I will maybe post a photo of the new painting (in-progress) but I'm not sure. I have two points of view from two people I really trust and admire (one saying my older paintings are better and one saying my newer paintings are better)...I think I may need to just enjoy my new private space and do a little soul searching about what *I* really prefer. And not get so bogged down by expectations.

I suppose every artist grapples with expectations on some level or another. Am I wrong?

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on Sunday, March 8th, Brian said

Okay, when you said "Slither," my mind jumped to that movie "Sliver" instead, the one with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. I thought to myself that's an odd choice of a movie to watch 20 times. Too funny!

I must say though, Sliver has some memorable scenes in it. But that's for another day to share...

on Monday, March 9th, Beth said

You are right, as an artist you seek the approval of others but then sometimes it makes things harder knowing what people think! Good luck with the new pieces! -Beth