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04/06/2009: "Fear and Loathing in my Living Room"

So, Aaron measured the wall space I have at Annie Kaill's then measured out the same amount of wall space in our living room so I could see what my exhibit will look like on a similar sized wall. This weekend I hung the pieces I had so far. The wall was *very* big and I didn't have nearly the amount of paintings done that I thought I had (the show is in 3 weeks).

First of all, I was going to paint figures over a few landscapes I'd already painted. Only, when I finally painted the figures the texture from the landscape showed through under their skin, even after I tried to scrape off all of it with my pocket knife (very messy) those were out.

Secondly, a couple of the paintings on my PhotoShop "wall" were only mock-ups themselves, paintings I'd done in PhotoShop that I hadn't started on canvas yet (and ones I didn't like that much to begin with). The one composition I'd spent all last weekend on, was quite terrible.

So, what I had to show for all of my recent efforts was a few half-finished pieces on a very large wall.

On top of that, I realized that somehow I had run out of all of my smaller sized canvases. I used to have stacks lying about but all I have now are gigantic ones I purchased for my show at the Canvas Gallery (a VERY VERY large gallery).

So, terror set in big time. Like, the real screaming jeebees (without the actual screaming). Aaron was great at calming me down, got me out of the house and away from all the paint fumes to do a little relaxation exercise. He also did all the house work this weekend while I holed up in my studio and got to *seriously* painting He's like my personal pit crew, I can take a break and he'll massage out the kinks in my neck and shoulder, crack my back, make me a cup of coffee, give me an ego boost and a daily vitamin, and then send me on my way feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work!

I did one completely new painting last night that I'm really excited about, and I worked on three other paintings that are now nearly finished. Plus I've scheduled 2 hours of studio time every week night, and plan to put in 8-10 hour days for the next two weekends. Then I have to stop and let everything dry.

I also have to design a poster and postcards and get them printed and etc. I love having shows because it forces me to work but the STRESS! It really is overwhelming at time.

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on Monday, April 6th, holly said

Where the landscape texture is showing through, what if you run with it and collage that area with something and paint over that? Your brush work is so textural, it might look really cool if you create a texture for that texture. lol-- does that make sense?

Have you ever worked with encaustic?

on Monday, April 6th, holly said

Oh, and GOOD LUCK! Take pictures of the show!

on Tuesday, April 7th, Elise said

Hi Holly!
I've never tried encaustic but I've always wanted to. There's an artist that displays in Juneau from time to time, who does and she gave a workshop on it but I missed it!

Texture for the texture sounds interesting, I'm just not fond of texture on a woman's face, especially when it mirrors the mountains in the background.

But I guess since I'm not going to use the pieces anyway, I can play around with it and just have fun without fear of destroying anything.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I must stop by Hollyism soon to see what you've been up to...something interesting I'm sure.

on Tuesday, April 7th, Brian said

I wish I could be there for your opening. Good luck!

on Tuesday, April 7th, Elise said

Thanks Brian!
I was just looking through your photo shoot with Anne. Some of them were too funny (think Vampires!).

Thanks again for doing that for me!