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04/21/2009: "Risk taking behavior"

looking at the calendar today I realized that by this time next week I'll have to have all of my work framed and ready to hang at the gallery. I'm leaving Wednesday after work to go to a conference in Albuquerque NM and I won't be back until the following week. I will miss the First Friday opening but there will be an "artist reception" the following week.

In addition to framing I still have to:
Put the finishing touches on a few pieces and sign everything
Pray the paint dries in time
Name and price the pieces
Write something for the paper
Create and hang the posters for the show
Mail out invitations

Now, some of you may recall that over the holidays I had to reformat my hard drive. I thought I'd backed everything up, but somehow I forgot to back up the most important folder on my "Art Business" folder. It had my MAILING LIST! My holy grail, the thing I have been working on for over 10 years. So, I may send out e-vites this year, which is a bummer but what else can I do?

Anyway, I took a few risks with this show but I'm not sure if some of them were improvements or not. I can't feel too badly about them if they weren't though, because if you stop pushing yourself to grow as an artist you won't get any better.

There was a real push-pull this show in terms of whether to go more realistic or more stylized and abstract. Use more blended colors or go with pure ones. I decided that I would just do whatever felt right for each particular painting and not worry so much about the group as a whole.

In some ways I think this show would look better spread out single file rather than grouped on a wall all together...but that's a limitation of the space I get. And, it's at my favorite store in Juneau so believe me, I'm not complaining!!!

I have to make a decision about which art work to use for the posters. My favorite piece has nudity in it so some places won't let me hang it with them (also, they get stolen faster). Maybe I'll make some nudies and some clothed so I'll have options.

Damn, I better get busy! I've been so focused on painting that I've dropped the ball on everything else.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Sunday, April 26th, Joan said

Are you going to look up Annie in the Q?

on Friday, May 1st,">Desiree Downey said

Is "wild alaskan cotton "going to be in the show tonight?

on Friday, May 1st, Elise said

Yes, but it looks a little different now.