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08/11/2009: "Facebook"

I just realized that one of the reasons that I don't update this blog as much anymore is because I'm on facebook and I tend to post all of my little droplets of wisdom on there now. Of course, the posts are much shorter now and only my friends see them but that's what has happened.

At some point I'm going to get the spam filter installed on this ancient blog so that I can leave comments turned on for more than 5 hours. Oh well.

I was going through my site with a friend the other day and I realized how much I've neglected my website overall. I really need to go through and make some updates!

I found out yesterday that another original sold at my show, so I've ended up making a nice little chunk of change. Now I have to finish up two commissions, and continue working on the show for next June. I'm hoping to have 5-6 paintings for that show done by the winter break...that way I can get some new prints made. I'm pretty happy at how well they are selling at openings, though shrink wrapping is the Devil's work! I *hate* it!