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Thursday, August 27th

August in Juneau, it aint for woosies...

August/September in Southeast Alaska, is not my favorite time of year. It gets cold, it gets rainy (like REALLY rainy), and you start to notice that it's getting dark earlier and earlier.

Last night there was a break in the rain and Aaron and I went up the tram to have dinner. Later we hiked briefly and took some cool photographs. Aaron took the one with the tree in it. Pretty sun light or what?

alaska-grown-man (31k image)

I-can-see-russia-no-wait-its-my-house (54k image)

view-from-mount-roberts-sunset-09 (17k image)

view-from-mount-roberts-cruise-ship-in-cloud (21k image)

Elise on 08.27.09 @ 01:25 PM AK [link]

Tuesday, August 11th


I just realized that one of the reasons that I don't update this blog as much anymore is because I'm on facebook and I tend to post all of my little droplets of wisdom on there now. Of course, the posts are much shorter now and only my friends see them but that's what has happened.

At some point I'm going to get the spam filter installed on this ancient blog so that I can leave comments turned on for more than 5 hours. Oh well.

I was going through my site with a friend the other day and I realized how much I've neglected my website overall. I really need to go through and make some updates!

I found out yesterday that another original sold at my show, so I've ended up making a nice little chunk of change. Now I have to finish up two commissions, and continue working on the show for next June. I'm hoping to have 5-6 paintings for that show done by the winter break...that way I can get some new prints made. I'm pretty happy at how well they are selling at openings, though shrink wrapping is the Devil's work! I *hate* it!
Elise on 08.11.09 @ 11:02 AM AK [link]

Saturday, August 8th


The opening last night at the UAS Bookstore was really wonderful. I didn't think many people would show up because it's clear out in Auk Bay, as opposed to downtown where all of the other First Friday openings were taking place. However, I had an excellent turn out and sold 4 original paintings and 7 prints!

Plus, it was fun. They had hung the show early in the day, and someone had already purchased a painting hours before the opening started. That had a wonderful affect on me, all of my anxiety that nothing would sell went away and I could just enjoy myself. The staff at the bookstore were also fantastic...they took care of everything and all I had to do was show up.

Below are a couple of photos from the opening. They had smaller paintings on a display near my print bin, and in the second photo you can see my larger pieces hanging on the wall in the background.

I am so thankful for all of my friends and supporters who turned out for the're what keep me going as an artist!

opening (253k image)

opening (253k image)

Elise on 08.08.09 @ 12:39 PM AK [link]

Thursday, August 6th

Show Tomorrow Night!

Well, tomorrow from 4-7 is my show at the UAS Bookstore. I'm feeling a bit guilty that I haven't done more to promote it, haven't papered the town with flyers or anything like that. I have been so crazy busy and I still have to shrink wrap a bunch of prints. Also, I feel like I just had the Annie Kaill's Show, even though it was 2 months ago.

I'm afraid not many people will come to the opening reception. It's held the same night as First Friday, a big gallery walk that takes place in downtown Juneau which is just about as far away as you can get from where I'm showing. Most of the people I know from the University (which is very nearby and convenient) are still off contract for the summer. A lot of people are on summer vacation or have friends with shows tonight downtown. Even my own husband can't make it because he's coaching soccer...

Oh well, I feel this way a lot before an opening, a certain amount of embarrassment and dread. There will be a lot of pieces in this show, about half of them I've exhibited before. The other half are pieces that never really fit in well with the work from other exhibits. I guess I'm glad that I'm doing the show even if there is a weak turn out. As one art consultant said, GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE!

new-works-Elise-Tomlinson (106k image)
Elise on 08.06.09 @ 09:37 AM AK [link]