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04/02/2010: "Ode to all things shiny and electronic"

Found out today we'll be getting nearly $2,000 tax refund! So, that takes a bit of the sting out of my less than stellar business performance. We will use the money to pay off our car loan, but I can't help dreaming about what else I could get with the money, particularly in regards to my art business.

If you've noticed I haven't been posting many photos lately, it's because I lost my camera's battery recharger. It has been depressing, I could buy a new recharger, but they are expensive and the camera is 5 years old or so, can't help thinking about buying a new camera.

Then I start thinking about our horribly outdated Dell all-in-one printer that is the worst printer ever. I used to print out business cards for my shows, with a different picture on each one so people could chose which one they wanted, and some I turned into refrigerator magnets...but the print quality was not professional looking...and that was 5 years ago. Now it's downright embarrassing. So, a new printer?

But wait, our computer is REALLY old, maybe 8 years old with only 512mb of RAM. Practically prehistoric for the kinds of photo and video editing I do. And SLOW which kind of defeats the purpose of paying for super speedy Internet. A new computer then?

Of course, my show is fast approaching and I have to decide if I should frame all the pieces again (a huge expense) or just display with painted sides as I use gallery wrapped canvases. If I have to buy 10 new, large canvases, it will be very expensive.

And I've given myself the goal of getting 3 more paintings scanned so I'll have new prints to sell at the opening. That whole process is way expensive.

And I've been TOTALLY lusting after the new ipad!

But what about saving up for the down payment on our remote Alaskan cabin get-away?

I need to quit "worrying" about how to spend this money. I hear Suze Orman in my head saying DENIED! YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT! And she's right! The responsible thing would be to pay off the car, put it in our emergency savings, or open an ROTH IRA for retirement. It's HARD being responsible in this day of gadgetry and wonder!