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04/10/2010: "Painting: horrible to the body but great for the soul."

Had some kind of toxic melt down early last week. Not sure if it's from all the Liquin I've been using in the studio or the two pieces of pizza I ate (allergic to wheat) but I had physical system melt down. Within a few hours I had a cold sore, achy joints, blotchy face, and other physical ailments of a delicate nature that were a total bummer.

Now I'm feeling better but worried about going back into the studio. I realize I have to learn to paint in a non-toxic way but THIS is the way I know and love. I don't really want to change, even though it sometimes feels like painting is killing me.

I went out for dinner with fellow artist Rob Roys the other night and ran some new ideas past him. I'm going to take a year off from exhibiting after this next show. Just concentrate on building up a quality body of work and then take professional photos of the pieces and try to get some higher end exhibits.

We'll see how it goes.

In other news, I've been reading articles at, a website by Sylvia White. Some of the articles are quite good. One, titled Face The Facts: Everything Your Mother Should Have Told You About Being An Artist was a bit depressing.

Here are the highlights:

1. You will not get "discovered."
2. You will not find a gallery that "understands your work" and feels as passionately about it as you do.
3. No matter how original you think your work is, it has been done before.
4. Just because your work looks just like Jackson Pollack, (or, fill in the blank) doesn't mean it's as good, or that you can price it the same.
5. You will not be able to make a living off the sale of your work.

Thoughts anyone?

The good news is...I found my battery recharger for my digital camera! And it's a sunny glorious day in Juneau Alaska today. Aaron and Noah and I are going out to put up gutter gardens on the side of the house soon, and then to gather seaweed for composting behind the house. I'm VERY excited to garden this year. Then, eventually, I'll go back into my tiny toxic studio. Wish me luck.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Monday, April 12th, Kasia said

There should be almost the same statements about teachers in Poland...[sigh]. i can't wait to see some photos!!! :)

on Monday, April 12th, Elise said

I hope you enjoy!

on Wednesday, April 14th,">Jim L said

Ugh on the allergic meltdown! My bet is on the wheat or even something like a norovirus, at least I hope so - being allergic to your painting environment sucks. However, with constraints come solutions that open up new doors!

Those artist "rules" are true to the extent that they apply statistically, (yes, even no. 3 - you can always find your stylistic doppelganger either in art history or somewhere else...) They really should be considered as warning signs that you are worrying about the wrong things - i.e. galleries, influences, prices when all that ultimately matters is the artist making the art.

on Wednesday, April 14th, Elise said

You are right Jim! Thanks for the slap on the face (in a good way.)