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04/12/2010: "Treadwell and Sandy Beach - Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

The first couple of photos were taken at the Treadwell Goldmine where the mine caved in back in the 1920s. The water really does look that color. It's one of my favorite spots to walk to. I want to do a couple of rock paintings for my show in June.

The last photo is one I took tonight after work tonight of the pumphouse. I believe that is the sailboat "Lyric" out on the water in the background. It was gorgeous today but still pretty cold. Still, it did put me in the mood to get our sails up.

The sky was in the process of clouding up after days of sunshine. I'm bummed because I missed the Northern Lights last night and they're supposed to be out again tonight but the clouds will probably prevent me from seeing them again.

treadwell-cave-in5 (110k image)

treadwell-cave-in8 (52k image)

treadwell-cave-in10 (104k image)

treadwell-cave-in2 (71k image)

treadwell-cave-in (69k image)

pumphouse3 (42k image)

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