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07/11/2004: "300+ photos later..."

Today I was supposed to go to my friend Heather's house to play in the clay, but she had a cold and we both thought it would be better to wait until next weekend. So, rather than come back and start cleaning house, doing laundry, and paying bills...I decided to go for a hike out at the old Treadwell mine, which is the location I'm using for my next series of paintings.

I hiked for *six* hours, climbing, falling, lying in mud and guck, balancing, etc. it was quite beautiful weather, perfect sun, I got much better photos of the area than I did last time (the one's imprisioned on the hard drive of my broken computer). Plus I was able to take a couple mpegs that I needed as extablishing shots to finish Kite Club.

I took over 300 photos today! That's right, over 300!!!

I thinks some of them are going to be amazing. I can't wait to get on a computer with PhotoShop so I can open them up and start playing. I also went out by the wetlands trail and took a bunch of photos in a huge field of fireweed. There were hundreds of very large bumblebees out there and I was a little freaked but it was so gorgeous I couldn't stop myself. I even put the camera on its macro setting and I think I got some cool shots with a bumblebee up close but they were moving pretty fast.

On the drive home everything I saw looked like it would make an excellent photo and my brain kept framing everything and snapping away, even though my camera had already run out of two seperate battery packs. Click, click, was almost more distracting than that other little PhotoShop overdose issue I suffer from now and again.

Anyway, I'll post some images when I get to them, probably not until after work tomorrow night. It they turned out as good as I think they did, I should have enough material for my next ten shows!

Now, I'm kicking back with some sparkling water and making a couple little watercolor thank you cards. One for the people at Friendly Planet, and another for the guy from the paper who wrote the great article for First Friday.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Monday, July 12th, Dio said

Looking forward to seeing some of them - can't beat a good day snapping. :)

on Monday, July 12th,">Elise said

Yes, I agree!

I was thinking of you actually when I was on the beach shooting the old moorage from when the area was a gold mining town.

It was a perfect day for it too, really low tide and relatively clear skies.