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08/07/2004: "Why Can't I Paint?"

music: Elliot Smith (8)
technorati tags: frustrated

All day Friday (at work) I was feeling antsy and like I couldn't wait to get home because I'd have the entire weekend with nothing to do but paint (oh yah, and the dishes)...but last night I can't remember what I did, and I spent the majority of today playing around on the site which has a whole bunch of cool scripts written in DHTML. That's how I made the slide show of paintings on this blog as well as the little cursor trail of my two cats, Osiris and Lemoni. Yes, that was a *very* productive use of my time.

And meanwhile, I'm not painting anything. And I want to so much. I don't understand why I can sit here writing about how much I want to paint and yet I know once I post this, I'm not going to start painting. I have this happens over and over again. I also feel like I didn't give myself enough time for this next show because a trademark of not working for me is that I get stressed out from not having enough time to work on a show so I keep putting it off. It doesn't make any sense.

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on Sunday, August 8th, Howard said

I've been going through a slow patch myself over the last couple of weeks. I'm not really too sure why. I think it's just the time of year. There's been a lot of things happening, I've been trying to catch up on house work, and my online distraction has been an online porfile radio station which is quite neat.
The slideshow looks great.

on Sunday, August 8th,">Elise said

Wow, is amazing. Thanks for telling me about it (now, one more distraction)....

But a good one. Music is vital to my creativity.

As for the slow patch, I know we need time to do all that crap like pay bills and clean house. I know it can't be forced but in the mean time...

well, back to

on Sunday, August 8th, Howard said

Yeah it's pretty good. It takes a couple of days for it to get a good idea as to what you like. For some reason it decided I'd like to listin to rap and death metal yesterday afternoon, but I've got that all sorted out now.

on Sunday, August 8th,">Elise said

That reminds me of when I ordered several books by Ethan Mordden for a friend's birthday and for the longest time afterwards Amazon was convinced I was a gay male and made the funniest recommendations to me (I finally figured out how to fix it).

on Tuesday, August 10th, RR said

Slide show looks really good. Thanks for the link to the dynamic drive site.

on Wednesday, August 11th,">Elise said

Thanks RR,
And welcome back. Hope you had a lovely holiday!