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08/09/2004: "Problem with server side includes"

So, this plea goes to any web guru out there who may have an idea as to why my server side includes aren't working properly.

I'm working on a redesign for our state library association and currently I'm hosting it on my site.

The includes are saved in a folder called "includes" and work perfectly on the main index page. However, they aren't working on any of the index files for sub directories.
The links to the includes on the main index are:
!--#include file="includes/header1.html" -->
!--#include file="includes/header2.html" -->
The links to the includes on the index file of the membership subdirectory are:
!--#include file="../includes/header1.html" -->
!--#include file="../includes/header2.html" -->

Unless I'm missing something, that should be right. What am I missing?

I keep getting the message [an error occurred while processing this directive]


I just noticed that you can't actually see the code for the includes because the server is trying to process them even on this blog, therefore all the error messages. I just took out the starting < signs so that it won't try do do that and you can see the path. I stayed up late last night trying to figure it out and so far I'm still stumped. I've used them in the past many times so...I'll just keep looking and asking around.