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10/18/2004: "They're Baaaaack!"

The Taku winds are back and just as scary as ever. This morning I'm at home because I'm working late tonight, and stuff is being ripped from my house (and the neighbor's houses as well) I just recovered a 15 foot piece of broken molding from the side of the house...a little earlier there was this huge gust that was shaking everything like and earthquake and something large hit one of my big second story windows but thankfully didn't break it. I really want to get some wood fitted for the windows in case they get broken in while I'm at work. I'm going to have to lock my two cats in my bedroom while I'm at work just in case. In the mean time, there are all kinds of frightening noises coming from the roof and sides of the house...every year I forget how much these suck. Wish me luck, I'm afraid of what I'll come home to tonight.