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02/11/2005: "An interesting day"

So, my morning started off by giving a tour to a candidate visiting campus for an interview for a faculty position in the Psychology department. He was funny and full of energy is going to participate in our campus's annual "Polar Bear Plunge" tomorrow where students, faculty, and staff (including the chancellor) jump into the icy ocean waters at Auke Bay. (not me by the way but my director does it every year).

Next I chaired a faculty senate sub-committee meeting on instructional technology, which I very much enjoyed.

Finally (my favorite thing of the day) I met a new faculty member in the Theatre department and we got to talking and he saw my Hedwig and the Angry Inch program guide and asked if I'd seen it (to which I raved in the affirmative) and it turns out he was the director! (of the Perseverance Theatre production) I felt a bit star struck to be honest. We had a nice talk and he asked if he could ever call on me to help as a volunteer working on set designs and stage painting, which I have done for Perseverance in the past. yeah!

In reality I don't know if I'll be able to help out much in the near future, deadline of April 1st looming and me with half of one painting started... My goal is to get an additional 3 paintings started this if I can just stay sober! :P

Oh yah, and I bought two large orders of Thai food take away, to fuel me through my weekend of manic stress and liquin fume induced creativity.