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02/12/2005: "Images from Treadwell Mine"

Some photos I took at the Treadwell gold mine ruins.

artifact-turquoise-close (44k image)

bolt-wires (72k image)

treadwell-green-bolt (53k image)

cedar-bolt (58k image)

Replies: 10 Comments

on Saturday, February 12th, Dave from Nebraska said

Nice pics!
Good compositions.
I like the texures and colors too.

on Saturday, February 12th, Elise said

Thanks Dave, coming from a photographer that makes me feel really good.

on Sunday, February 13th, Marja-Leena said

Ooh, I do love these! They'd make great prints, too.

on Sunday, February 13th, Howard said

I really like the first one.

on Sunday, February 13th, Elise said

Thanks guys, that first one, I have no idea what it is or what it used to do. I found it out it clear off the beaten trail along with a lot of other mysterious machinery.

on Monday, February 14th, Jackie said

E: Wow. I love the textures and colors in the photos. They would make great enlargements for the wall, or greeting cards. I'd love to collect them all :D
Happy Valentine's Day, by the Way!

on Monday, February 14th, Elise said

Thanks Jackie,
hey, by the way...wasn't it you who knew a lot about air cleaning systems that could take out VOCs, (or something like that)?

Have you heard of the Healthmate Jr.?

Do you think it would do a good job getting fumes out of my studio space?

on Monday, February 14th, Elise said

oh, and happy valentines day to you as well!

on Tuesday, February 15th, Jackie said

E: I did give you some advice a while back about air cleaners for your solvent problems. I don't know anything about the Healthmate Jr., but it sounds like it would be more efficient and more what you need, rather than the window fans that you can reverse, and use as vents. Plus, in winter, you can't really put in your window fan, right? If it does what it promises, (ie: removes VOCs from your studio or house) it should help alot! Did you know that prolonged exposure to solvents/volatile organic chemical fumes can cause depression? Ever notice how 'cheery' people who work in paint stores are? (I mean mixing housepaints, especially old-fashioned enamel paints). Not to mention all the other health problems they cause. Anyway - enough lecturing! I still use turpentine as thinner in my oil-based stains. But at least I'm using it in my garage, which is more ventilated, and when it's warm out, I can open the garage door. I can't imagine living with the fumes!

on Tuesday, February 15th, Elise said

I thought that was you who had given me the advice about the window fans. I actually bought one of those right after that post and it works great in the summer but it has been cooooooold out and I can barely afford to heat this place as it is.

I hadn't heard of the relationship between solvents and depression but it would explain a lot ;)