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04/10/2005: "Is it important to finish what we start?"

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I was thinking this morning about my inability to get started on a new project, and while it *could* be because I lack focus, it's probably because I have 10 unfinished pieces from my non-show still hanging in my studio....guilting me with their tiny half finished eyes that seem to follow me around ala vintage Scooby Doo.

I'm feeling a bit of the "been there done that" sentiments mentioned in the previous debate. I keep moving them onto easels and then moving them back to the wall untouched. I'm just not feeling it with them anymore and I'm considering moving them into storage, getting out all new canvases, and not looking back.

However, once I put paintings out of sight to "finish later" I never do. Now, if it's all about the process that shouldn't be such a big deal...but as I said before, the actual pieces are important to me (not to mention the $$$ tied up in them).

My internal mom is telling me I have to finish my vegetables before I get dessert but I don't want to!!! Am I being silly? Should I just bite the bullet and finish the damn things, or put them away for awhile and risk never completing them?

On another note, Waiting for Antichrist is out. You can see the cover at amazon, click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. It's my "Mark of the Beast" image on the cover; the colors are off but it's still neato!

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on Sunday, April 10th, RR said

A dilema indeed - I'm not good at finishing things I've put away either. I currently have a life painting which was my first real oil painting and it needs a lot of work to make it finished but I don't quite know what to do to it.
How about you finish yours and I'll finish mine?
How did the other challenge go? (Painting for the 10th April ;)

on Sunday, April 10th, greg said

10! wow that's a lot of finishing to do! I have the acrylic I am doing now and 2 oils unfinished that are waiting for the garage to warm u so I dont stink up the house. 1 of the oils is YEEEAARS in the making, but I know "someday..."

Why not pick out your 2-3 favorites and just work on those, while you're doing something new? The others can wait, unless that is still too many - then pick your LEAST fav 4-5 and just paint OVER them, and recoup the cost of canvas ...?

on Sunday, April 10th, Elise said

Sorry to say, RR, I missed the deadline. I've had ideas a plenty but I haven't been actually working on anything.

Guess I went through a bit of a slump. But I'd like to start working on something today.

I like your idea Greg about just finishing up one or two favorites. I guess I could try that. I doubt I'll paint over anything though, I've never been able to do that, my canvases have too much texture on them.

on Monday, April 11th, subi said

how cool about the book! wow elise, your painting looks great!!! wow, now if that isn't the perfect gift for every adult in your family for christmas!!! :hehe: i'm sure they'll run out and buy every copy in Nebraska to hide it from the family you aren't so in contact with... :laugh: honestly tho, it looks awesome!!! i want to get a copy just to have it! will you be doing any booksignings as the artist of the cover??? and if no, why not???? gosh prolific mama, what a roll you are on! wow! :) (awe)

on Monday, April 11th, Elise said

Hey Subi!
Thanks for that, I got an email from the editor I worked with at the Oxford University Press and he said my free copy is in the mail. I'm looking forward to getting it!