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04/17/2005: "I lost my soul on the road to retail"

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I went out to pizza and beers last night at this new place called the "Island Pub" (because it's on Douglas island, there are no tiki torches or babmboo) which is literally a block away from my house! It used to be this run-down place called "Mikes" but they expanded it, did this unbelievable make-over, and now it's the happening hot spot...right on the water no less.

I sat next to a girlfriend at the bar who is also an artist and when I told her that I finally had prints made, she said "oh good, now you can sign up with the wholesalers"...companies that will show your prints to retailers (gallery owners, interior decorators and the like) who place orders for your prints (hopefully) then turn around and try to sell them at a mark-up.

It sounds good to me but have any of you ever done this? Is there anything negative I should know about going into it, or things to avoid? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Anyway, as I was leaving I ran into a woman who bought 2 of my paintings at my last opening but then never picked them up (how flattering, right?). So she came back to my place and I turned them over to her which she seemed genuinely excited about. Hey, buy all you want! I'll paint more.

Another Mystery Photo:

mystery (112k image)


Replies: 15 Comments

on Sunday, April 17th, subi said first thought was condoms? :O don't ask...but then i got to thinking, intestines? but i'm sure it's not so complicated or interesting! some strange sea anemone?

on Sunday, April 17th, subidobi said

btw, i found a new art site and really thought of you with this particular painting! it reminded me of your old door sign 'else' (among clouds) if the whole collection comes up go to the last one...

on Monday, April 18th, RR said

slices of brain? :satisfied:

on Monday, April 18th, Elise said

Wow Subi, you have a great memory! The photo is great, I like the image of the woman in the clouds. I've been getting back into clouds again myself, I photograph them almost daily and I'm considering a new series in which they'll feature prominantly.

As for your guesses though, nope!

RR, did you see the link on Hollyism to Zombie Pin-ups? At the bottom there's a banner that says "Beauty and Braaaaaains". I don't know why but I find that hilarious. But no, it isn't a photo of brains.

In fact, it's not a photo at all, it's something I scanned on a flatbed scanner.

on Monday, April 18th, greg said

leftover glossblowing dribblets? :confused:

on Monday, April 18th, greg said

oopsorry... GLAssblowing, of course!

Anyway, an old instructor was telling me about the corporate art dealers, and what a good gig that is. He mentioned something like "Corporate Art West" from Bellevue, WA, and ArtSouth in Philly. I've looked a bit, but cant find either.

Still, my old instructor is a great painter:

on Monday, April 18th,">Jackie said

E: it looks like dried-up paint on a plexi-glass pallet.
Or seagull-poop on a plexi-glass pallet.

on Monday, April 18th, Elise said

Hey Greg, did you mean that if you can get set up with a corporate art dealer it's a good gig, or that being a corporate art dealer is a good gig?

Anyway, I'll check it out and yes, your former instructor is a great painter...I love his cow, it makes me homesick for Nebraska.

And as for your guess, my favorite guess by far is seagull-poop on a plexi-glass pallet!


But still no cigar.

on Monday, April 18th, holly said

John Wayne's colon?

on Monday, April 18th, Elise said

You know, I *thought* about scanning in John Wayne's colon but I was afraid that might depreciate it's value (the value of the colon I mean).

on Monday, April 18th, greg said

Bill Elston recommended that I as an artist (one day) get hooked up with these folks ... getting "royalty" checks is cool for an visual artist!

oo! oo! I get another guess? - Melted Wax with a "Moose Drool" bottle cap encased therein!(?) :)

on Monday, April 18th, holly said

The weight of the damn thing prolly would have broken your scanner.

I'm with Greg- I think it's melted wax.

on Monday, April 18th, Elise said

GOLD STARS for Greg and Holly!

It is melted wax!

(no Moose Drool bottle cap though)

I was trying to fix a candle that hadn't burned correctly so I was burning off excess wax into a little puddle of water. Those marks are what it looked like on the bottom when it cooled.

Good guess!

on Monday, April 18th, subi said

very cool! have you thought of using this image as well as the other mystery photos? it seemed too airy to make me think of wax! :P

on Monday, April 18th, Elise said

Using them for what pray tell?