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05/31/2005: "I'm Alive!"

Actually, I never made it out of the mouth of the harbor on poor ole Rozinante. It was so sad. We packed a ton of supplies. The tank was full, the outboard started easily...we got out into the channel just as the other sailboats were crossing the start line. I opened up the throttle and it nearly died on me. I could have hoisted the sails and gone anyway but I didn't want to get stuck out in Stephen's Passage with no outboard. So, we hobbled back into the slip, my GPS unit tracked our progress which was a hilarious looking mass of loops as we circled the mouth of the harbor trying to fix the outboard.

I took it apart when we got back to the slip but there was nothing obviously wrong with it. I hate this piece of crap outboard. My friend Jen, the one who made the outboard remark before, said "maybe you *do* need a new one". Another friend, Mark, who has a much nicer boat on the same float offered to take us out sailing for the afternoon. We were out for 6 or 7 hours in excellent wind with ample snackage, so it turned out OK.

I wasn't going to write about not going on the trip as my friend Wayne took my Sunday shift so I could go on the trip (even though I didn't..guilt guilt!). But I have to tell him the truth sometime. I just felt tired and lazy the next day and proceeded to watch an unhealthy amount of Alias. Suddenly have urge to take kickboxing and dismantle my alarm clock by clipping all the little red and green wires.

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on Tuesday, May 31st, holly said

So does this mean no SeaZombies? :angry:

Glad you were able to salvage part of the weekend. With ample snackage, no less!

on Tuesday, May 31st, Elise said

Fear not Holly, there will be plenty of opportunities for me to become a SeaZombie this summer...and lots of tastey cruise ships in the Inside Passage from which to find easy prey...patience me dear!

And, I'm thinking of registering that as a domain name:

Has a nice ring don't ya think?

on Tuesday, May 31st, holly said

Good lord, it's available too! Don't tell Dio, he'll snap it up and make another website!

on Wednesday, June 1st, dave from Nebraska said

What about ?
You can have it, "Other Dave."
Your friend Mark is in for a heapin helpin of good karma.
Don't forget to unplug the alarm clock BEFORE you clip the wires. Hope I'm not too late.

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

I agree about Mark. He lives on his boat so he's down at the harbor all the time. He's helped me out repeatedly with my outboard, he power washed my entire boat for me once, he loaned me a spinnaker for the entire summer, he checks to make sure my lines are tight when it's windy and I'm pretty sure he was the one who had been shoveling snow off her during the winter before I realized *I* was supposed to be doing it...

Harbor people tend to be really good about looking out for each other. Now that I think about it, I really should bake the guy brownies or something!

on Wednesday, June 1st, greg said

ah! ... adventures on the hi-seas! I suppose a bad day out on the water is better than ...durn near anything! :)

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

I agree greg! :)