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06/01/2005: "Would it be petty if..."

Yesterday I got another request to use one of my images for a full color Greek magazine called Ododeiktes ('Road signs' in Greek). They're going to publish my info and send me the issue. The image they want to use is one called "Communication" that I used in my BFA thesis show.

This is the *third* image from that series that I've had published from my BFA thesis show which (as you may recall) got a C-. I felt particularly devastated because the committee failed to mention how terrible they thought it was during the year I met with them and saved it all up for my anonymous final review; it's the main reason I quit printmaking. I mean, they were ruthless. I want to write and tell them how much their spineless attack impacted me and show them how work from that show has been published in magazines and on book covers so nah nah na nah nah!

Speaking of which...I never charge for allowing my work to be reproduced. I look at it as good exposure etc. and just feel flattered to be asked. People keep acting like I should be demanding payment or something. I have a feeling if I did they'd just say "no thanks" and publish someone else's work. Any thoughts?

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on Wednesday, June 1st, Marja-Leena said

I think you should be charging, after all writers charge for their articles and it's part of your art business. Then there's the copyright fees...

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

hey Marja-Leena, thanks for the input. I have no idea where to even begin in terms of coming up with a pricing for copyright fees...what do you mean by that exactly?

on Wednesday, June 1st, Markus Barca said

If you're going to allow your work to reproduced without charging, then you should at least require that the publisher credit your work by placing your name on the cover in small but legible print (e.g. Cover Art by Elise Tomlinson). People rarely read the publishing and credit information page at the beginning of a book, so it makes a lot more sense to have your name on the cover for publicity's sake.

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

Well, I've always gotten credit and most recently, my website address listed as well...the one by Oxford University Press was a hard bound edition with the image on the slip cover and the credit was on the back sleave after the info about the author in very small print.
Oh well, I think you're right though, it might be easier to negotiate better credit placement than a fee.

on Wednesday, June 1st, Markus Barca said

You could do it as an either/or proposition. Assuming that a publisher is intersted in your work, and if they want to use your work without charge, then they must place credit on the front cover. If they don't want to place credit on the cover for aesthetic reasons (or any other reason), then they would have to pay you. :)

I want to write and tell them how much their spineless attack impacted me and show them how work from that show has been published in magazines and on book covers so nah nah na nah nah!

Do it! :D Not just a letter but a collage of your published work too. heh

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

It seems a common theme among art students, many got blasted by their thesis committees...not sure why that is but I am tempted, the collage idea is great!

on Wednesday, June 1st, greg said

are any of your BFA works on the website? I looked for "communication" but didn't find it...

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

Some of my galleries are only linked to from the site index. Here's the link:

It's not complete at all, a bunch of them were monoprints that sold and like an idiot I didn't take slides.

on Wednesday, June 1st, Elise said

Oh, and "Resurrection Pass" wasn't a part of that show.

on Friday, June 10th, subi said

? , IS IT TYPICAL TO have the artists info on the cover of the book? most anyone knows it's traditionally on the back of the bookcover right? unless of course it's a smaller chap-book sort like our latest venture :hehe: i think it an aesthetically odd idea to be on the cover unless it's say a magazine....wdyt? and regarding payment? i hate admit it, but the only 'payment' i have gotten as a poet was thru scholarships or awards/grants...unless of course you consider a readiing once where i got a split of the reading fee at an art center (which was like 20 bucks which I apparently had no idea what to do with cause i gave it to the reader who came all the way from nyc (which she had ti foot the bill for). the only 'payment' in the poetry world and writerly world in general is recognition and copies of the said seems to be all about networking, making connections, etc... even poets who have several books make more money in reading fees and teaching... i think doing this sort of thing will and does lead to other opportunities ideas Elise... oh & do you want your contact info in the chapbook (ie email) and as far as i know the inside of the book has not been printed yet so if you have changed the title (cause you said you were rushed) let me know... oh & i am so glad you are doing the new show! i was thinking about you the other morning...about us doing some kind of coolaborative piece...painted words all over the canvas...of course! :rolleyes:

on Friday, June 10th, Elise said

Oh god Subi, I hope you know I wasn't in the slightest bit referring to our project when I asked about fees! I was only referring to, you know, larger publishers etc. I have noticed cover art on the cover of books before, usually like a small signature directly under the art, but I think more commonly it's inside the front or the back of the book.

Probably I will never charge for having my work used, but I was curious how other visual artists dealt with the issue.

As for the title etc. for your work, you can add or not add anything you like, anywhere you like. I really don't mind as long as my name (and may web address?) is mentioned somewhere because I think that would be very cool.

I'm glad I'm having the show too, although I haven't done any new work and now I am starting to get a bit anxious.

I think doing a collaborative piece with you would be a lot of fun as well. Maybe this coming winter we could come up with something???

btw, rod called last night and we talked for a long time and he's coming for a visit in august or september. it will be good to see him again, and he asked after you!

on Friday, June 10th, subi said

no don't worry! i just think some free-work will lead to at least have the ability to sell prints, etc, i think the more publicity the better, oh and free copies! :P say hi to Rod back! damn, i wonder how many of those from the past are lurking here? :confused: those were funny days...remember how I drove R. crazy? i think i did it on purpose, idkw, he always felt like a sibling to me...your upcoming trip sounds so fun...i will miss you all in DC, definitely have Rick drive you by our old place! Our friend Lakey still lives there!

on Friday, June 10th, Elise said

Yah, I get emails from people out of the blue all the time who've stumbled across this site.

You know, I was really jealous of you when you lived next door to Ricky!

snif snif.

Now I'm jealous that you're living in Switzerland!