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06/20/2005: "Another decision"

OK, I got a message from the director of the JAHC, the gallery running the exhibits at Heritage, and it seems they aren't 100% ready to go for a July 1st opening because the owners are also launching a new resturant in the next two weeks. She offered me a chance to push back the opening until the first Friday in August, as the JAHC show that month will be getting a lot of press and they think I can maybe get more traffic/press out of it then as well. Plus, they are providing me their mailing list and bulk mail permit ect. but I probably wouldn't be able to make use of that if I go forward July 1 because I'm running out of time.

On the other hand, I've already sent out an email to 100 people or so telling them the show would be July 1st. I could send out another email and let them know it's been changed but I'm not sure everyone would get word and this would be the second time that the date has moved!

Also, part of me doesn't want to be stressed out for another month of know, just finish it and get it over with. She did offer to let me push forward for July 1 if that's what I want...I just can't decide what to do. I feel like this show is cursed or something.

Oh, and I'll be in Baltimore and DC the last two weeks of July, getting back into town on August 1st. The opening would be on the 5th.

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on Monday, June 20th, greg said

So, are you saying you wouldn't be excited to keep working on those paintings? But you're learning so much! Unless you'd be happier moving into another direction sooner, wait for Aug.! Those 100 prob wouldn't mind waiting ...

on Tuesday, June 21st, Elise said

I think I'm going for July if at all possible. All those people I invited work at the university, many of them have the summers off and don't check their emails very often so it's hard to know if they'd all get the news or not.

Plus, I don't want it hanging over my head during my vacation!