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10/10/2005: "How has your painting grown/changed over time?"

I spent the weekend working on getting caught up with commissions. The one below is a remake of an older painting I did that got destroyed (folks, ya can't fold up a large oil painting into a square!). A guy in MN wanted to purchase it but since it wasn't available I agreed to paint it over again for him and it's going pretty well, though it's still a long ways off from being finished.

It's strange to paint the same painting twice, particularly in this case as this painting was originally done *at least* 10 years ago. I find it strange how little my technique/style has changed over the years...I did the first one in college and I still see a lot of the same tendencies, the use of primary colors, the outlining and over-all stylization etc. I'm not sure if I should feel reassured or concerned?

fiddler-2 (73k image)

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on Monday, October 10th, subi said

The mad fiddler would be cheered! I have his new # ... let me know if you want it, I'm sure he would love to hear from you, catch up and learn about how he is inadvertantly helping you make a profit ;) you go girl. I, on the other hand haven't talked to him or written in nearly 2 years... :cry: some things are just too hard.

on Monday, October 10th, Elise said

I thought about C when I painted/posted this, so yes, strange in many ways. Hope I didn't stir anything up. It would be cool to talk to him again though...

on Monday, October 10th, subi said

No no... no worries... nothing stirred more than usual :laugh: it's just sad to lose people who were once everything... and a mutual losing or at least on my part as well at the time... so, maybe when i finally figure out the time difference i will give you a call? is it 12 hours?

on Monday, October 10th, Elise said

Hi again, I think it's 10 hours. I just added the little clock in my side nav bar, under the "Make Fair Trade" sign. Now I can see what time it is where all my people live.

on Monday, October 10th, Elise said

So, if the clock is right, it's a about half past midnight in Switzerland right now, is that right?

on Tuesday, October 11th, Ty said

I pesonaly find it fusterating to paint the same painting twice. My work is so fly by the seat of your pants that when I try to "Repaint" a piece it just breaks my "Flow". :crazy:

on Tuesday, October 11th, Elise said

I suppose it depends on the painting. I think sometimes you learn new things but starting over, but if you were able to capture something intangilble, an expression on someone's face etc. it could be very frustrating to find the same magic twice.