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01/18/2006: "Snowzilla / Five Weirdest Habits Meme"

So, Marja-leena turned me on to this meme, you're supposed to list your five weirdest habits (on your own blog) and then link to them on the blog where you read about it...though you can just list them in my comments if you prefer. Here are mine: (oh, and at the bottom is a photo of Snowzilla, a snowman in Anchorage that's over 16 feet tall. The picture is of me posing with my niece Micheala this past weekend)

1. I talk to inanimate objects when no one's around and sometimes I tell myself stories out loud while I'm hiking by back and forth character dialog and such (and I actually write fiction so it's weird but not crazy).
2. I *love* the smell of musty old books. Sometimes I'll buy a used
book based solely on its smell and when I get home I'll take a nap with it lying open, resting on my face.

3. I keep my house tidy but my Tracker is a total nightmare. It gets full of all kinds of flotsam and jetsam from my boat or camping trips and I rarely (if ever) clean it out. I wonít generally give people rides anywhere because it actually smells badÖitís embarrassing but...what cha gonna do?

4. I *hate* talking on the phone. I never answer my phone and I very rarely call anyone. I have lost friends/boy friends, as well as art sells because of this. I *much* prefer email or chat.

5. I love to burn things. I mean I *really* love to burn things. Sometimes Iíll save stuff up to burn and then take them in my back yard and burn them in my hibachi since I donít have a fireplace.

snowzilla (39k image)

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on Wednesday, January 18th, marja-leena said

Thanks for meeting the challenge - you've got some doozies here! #4 is me too, though I didn't think of it at the time I wrote mine.

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

By doozies do you mean: wow, she's more of a nut than I thought?

I should clarify that when I say "talking to inanimate objects" I mean things like "why won't you reboot damn it!" to my computer...not "so computer, who do you think's going to win best actor in the Golden Globes"

on Wednesday, January 18th, Kasia said

This task is funny! I also hate talking on the phone - I often pretend I am asleep or gone!

on Thursday, January 19th, RR said

Wow......that's one BIG snowman!! As for the meme.....I'm thinking

on Thursday, January 19th, Kasia said

Yes, is this snowman from the real snow???

on Thursday, January 19th, greg said

What is this meme biz I've been seeing so much lately? At first I thought it was "me-me," like a self indulgent thing. Then I looked it up and its ...what? more like a collective sub-concious engram thingee?

If I'm to get into blogging I gots ta know these things! :confused: ... before I ever reveal any of my idiot-syncracies ;)

on Thursday, January 19th, Elise said

Hi RR, hope you take the challenge! And Kasia, yes, it's a snowman made from real snow...a man and his neighbors made it from all the snow in their yards.

And Greg, about memes, if you go to google and type in:
define meme
you will get multiple web definitions for it...but you're on the right track.

on Thursday, January 19th, ann said

I LOVE the picture of you and you niece! It's great.

I'll think about the meme. I'm sure many, many things I do are weird, but I just accept them at this point. I mean, I talk to inanimate objects but I never thought it was weird... or that having a dirty car was weird... oh, and the next time you burn something, let me know :hehe:

on Thursday, January 19th, Elise said

Yah, these 5 were the least incriminating I could think of but rest assured there are many many more where that came from...and you'll be on my next burn list!

Oh, and Greg, this is my favorite definition of meme: "A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to MUTATION, CROSSOVER, and ADAPTATION..."

It's a made up derivitive of mimic coined in 1976 from the theory of how genes work, only the cultural information is passed on through imitation. Personally, I'm completely intrigued with how they've grown (and mutated) along with the increasing popularity of the web, blogs, etc.

on Saturday, January 21st, greg said

Nice definition - I was going to say that!!! ... but add the word "pepperoni" to it, because I am a mutant. ;)

BTW my blog is up for anyone who wants to check in occasionally:

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

Hey Greg,
I've updated your link information and moved your link in my side bar up to "Artist Blogs".

on Sunday, January 22nd, Jen said

Boy, Elise, you were pretty tame with those lovely habits! As your sis I can remind you of a few more. :D As for me, I have a new habit since Goerge left. I sleep fully dressed with the light partially on just in case there is an earthquake and I have to get Xander quickly. Weird habit, or do I need counseling? :crazy:

on Sunday, January 22nd, said

Ha ha ha Jen (keep quite ok!)

I think that having an earthquake bag in the car and one in the house is a good idea but sleeping fully dressed is kinda weird!

on Wednesday, January 25th, Rob Roys said

OK. I listed them. However, this does not prove that I am weird.