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01/19/2006: "Uh, thanks? / Artist Studios"

How would you feel if someone who knows you in real life said you "looked good on paper"?
Anyway, something fun for Friday: do an Image search in Google for the terms: artist studio and prepare to eat your heart out. You know Kasia and Elaine, when I write some of these english language expressions I wonder how they translate to a non-native speaker?...that last one seems pretty gross when taken literally.

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on Friday, January 20th, Kasia said

It's not so bad - if i do not understand - i always do 2 things - check the exact context or look it up in my dictionary. "Eat sb's heart out"= to torment. :)

on Friday, January 20th, Elise said

That's great that your dictionary includes expressions. I never thought of that saying as "to torment" but I guess technically it's right.

I think it has more to do with when you really want someone to envy you for something you own or something that you've accomplished.

For example, if I just got a big promotion at work and there is a co-worker who didn't (and I don't like them very much) I might say "eat your heart out" in, too back you didn't get it sucker!

In the way I used it in my actual blog enty, it just meant "you'll be envious".

on Friday, January 20th, elaine said

In my case ,I just ask my intuition (well, and also look at the helps...)anyway I like that expression...very pictural(?) Got to think of what we say in french for this occasion. Probably something rude! Thanks Elise for thinking of us...I visit your blog every night, and enjoy it.

on Friday, January 20th, Elise said

Thanks for reading Elaine!

on Friday, January 20th, Jackie said

E: Hmmm...I don't know about the comment - I guess it depends on the context. Was this person reading your resume or something? Regardless - I don't know that it's usually used as a positive comment...but I'd still take it with a grain of salt!

LOL - I never thought of doing a Google image search on 'artist studio'. That was entertaining. Now I'll have to post the 'before' images of my shop on my blog (before I cleaned it, that is).


on Friday, January 20th, Elise said

Yah, he said he didn't mean it that way but still...I had to laugh.

As for the before images of your shop, I'd love to see them but for some reason your site isn't opening for me. I'll try back later.

on Friday, January 20th, Kasia said

You got promotion - that's GREAT! and what about your tenue?

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

I Did not get a promotion, that description was hypothetical.

I probably won't find out about tenure for another 2 months. They sure like to make us sweat it out. ("sweat it out" means to get really nervous and anxious about something, which is me on most days)

on Saturday, January 21st, Kasia said

Oh I see....I didn't notice "IF". sorry!So tell them you want a promotion:)
I am kidding.

on Saturday, January 21st, RR said

These comments made me laugh - thanks everyone! It's like a written form of a game we used to call Chineese whispers (although having written that it seems very un pc to do so - has this game got a new name? Or am I just adding to the confusion?) :hehe: Anyway, Elise - be flattered, looking good on paper is always a good thing.

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

If I'm thinking of the same game as you we used to call it "Telephone". You'd sit in a circle and the first person would whisper something into the ear of the person sitting next to them. That person would repeat what they heard into the ear of the person sitting next to them, and it would go all around the circle. When the last person hears it, they say it out loud and it's always something different than what the first person originally said.

But, now that I've just written this out, maybe that isn't the same thing?

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

Oh, and I see Kasia, how that would read differently without the "if". I also realize that I mispelled "bad" as "back" that must sound confusing as was meant to say "too bad you didn't get it sucker"...

You're right RR, this is fun. I've studied other languages and it was always the expressions that bewildered me.

But then, some of the words and sayings you guys from the UK use, baffle me as well.

on Saturday, January 21st, greg said

You asked me awhile back to show you a pic of my studio. I'll show 2 studios I've had, on my shiny new blog in a couple of days!!

Studios are cool ... I think I once mentioned to you an idea I had to paint artists in their studio. A facinating genre I thought.

Wow, if you look so good on paper, why wouldnt you look good in person? WHo would say such a thing!?
OTOH, sign up at a dating site and you'd get swamped! :D

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

I just bought a book called "Artists' Houses" and it looks pretty good. I've always loved looking at other artist's work spaces...I find them facinating.

Anyway, the person who said that is actually one of my oldest and dearest friends and I'm probably taking it a bit out of context...but I can't really explain the context here so...anyway, you won't see me on a dating site...I don't like to will always be my first (and probably only) love.

But I'm mostly cool with that.

Can't wait to see your studio shots on your shiny new blog.

on Saturday, January 21st, Rod said

I wonder what a person who doesn't speak english as a first language would think of the phrase, "Up your nose with a rubber hose."? :P

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

Are you actually saying that to me cuz I told about the comment you made (ass)?

on Saturday, January 21st, Jackie said

E: Hmmm...don't know why my blog wouldn't open for you. I know one time I posted on your blog, I put in the wrong site. But try this:
I just posted the pics this evening. Of course, I don't consider my garage workshop my 'studio'. And all non-messy stuff I work on at the dining room table, or down at our work table in the family room, where it's nice and warm, and I can watch t.v. and/or listen to music and interact with my sweetie. :laugh:

on Saturday, January 21st, Elise said

It opened up fine tonight, not sure what was going on. Anyway, thanks for sharing...I loved the studio shots and the cards were amazing!

on Sunday, January 22nd, RR said

Yep, that's the same game :P

on Sunday, January 22nd, Elise said

An international version of the game would be a real trip eh?