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01/22/2006: "Art Calendar"

I mentioned awhile ago how I had ordered a bunch or art business related books as well as a subscription to Art Calendar magazine. I've been getting it for about 4 months now and I have to say, I love it. I mean, I've seen it around for awhile but was never interested because I always thought the cover art sucked but the advice in it is great if you are trying to make a living with your art, or you'd like to try and make a living at it someday.

This month has articles on self promotion, how to overcome shyness, art law, what's selling, and a list of hundreds of current art related opportunities etc. I updated my About Me page because of the promo article I read in it. I added photos (including 2 of me I took with a self-timer, I look like a total goober!) plus an old artist statement since I didn't have one on my site before.

What else? Oh, for any artists with TIVO out can do keyword searches for setting up "wish lists"... I set up a wish list for "artist" and it's finding all kinds of interesting shows and movies that I never would have heard of before.

I've started two new paintings this weekend and they're going ok. I've decided to turn on the furnace on the weekend since I'm home all day and I'm getting really tired of being cold all the time. Everytime it kicks on I feel guilty...oh, but the sweet sweet heat!

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on Sunday, January 22nd, Jackie said

E: Your updated statement and new photos are great! I don't think you look like a 'goob' at all. That was very clever of you to insert photos of your studio within the text of your statement. Interesting note: in one photo you have both a glass of wine and cup of coffee! Hmmm...I imagine you with a cup/glass in each hand, alternating sips of wine with coffee. LOL!
And as for Art Calendar - I had a subscription to it for years when I still lived in Kodiak. I never availed myself of any of the art listings - they all seemed so far away. But now that I live where it would do me some good (well, okay, I could always mail my work somewhere) - I haven't subscribed. I keep thinking about it, tho. It is a real hassle to mail my work - even tho most of it is small, there are delicate appendages and stuff, and they're all odd sizes. I have a laundry list of excuses! Keep up the good work. ;)

on Sunday, January 22nd, Elise said

I do tend to alternate between coffee and wine!

Except for the first two, the others are old shots I'd posted to my blog in the past.

To be honest, I don't plan to avail myself to any of the art listings...I'm more interested in the articles. Since it's a slender publication it doesn't take long to read and I always pick up a thing or two.

As for excuses, don't think of it that way. As long as you're working, the rest will take care of itself. right?

on Sunday, January 22nd, Joan said

Your About Me page is great. I think you ought to contact Oprah about using one of your paintings on her magazine, O, cover. I think the painting on the right side of the top photo would be just right! Was the master watercolorist the lady that lived across the street from the grade school? I don't remember her name but I do recall going there with Megan and I think you a time or two. BTW, today is Annie's birthday. Seems like you got your groove back. Good for you. Those lovers always come around!

on Sunday, January 22nd, Elise said

Thanks for letting me know that today's Annie's birthday. We've been keeping in regular touch since christmas, trying to support each other in our new years resolutions. I'll be sure to send her a card.

Oh, and the master watercolorist was the woman that lived across the street from the grade school, next door to Micheala's grandmas house. Bea and I both took private lessons with her. I feel terrible that I can't remember her name, I'm sure Bea would remember.

Damn, her name is right on the tip of my tongue!

Taking those lessons was one of the most exciting things I'd ever done (at the time).

And yes, my lover has returned at last!

on Monday, January 23rd, subi said

wow lisey, you look so fab!!! your hair is so beautiful long and bohemian!!!! love ya!!!

on Monday, January 23rd, greg said

Emailing Oprah sounds like a great idea! If she had Akiane on
she could at least put you on the cover of her mag!

Great photos! esp that coffee/wine one too. :) You'd feel right at home in our house!

Your statement doesnt seem "conventional" to me. I really like it & have read a few different styles of statements, but just wondering if it is conscise and focused enough(?) You'd know better than I would ... I do like it tho.' Ever thought about having an influencial patron ,rep, or friend write one about you? I always like those third person statements. They seem more powerful (for what it's worth).

My furnace just went on and I know how you feel ... guilty, but warmer! :D

on Monday, January 23rd, Elise said

Hi Subi! Thanks for that, really I don't look fab at all but I've just started trying to get more fit...I'm working out again and eating a lot healthier etc. I'm going to Hawaii in June and plan to wear a bikini by then (DTD).

And Greg, I know there are a lot of different styles out there for "artist statements"...I've looked at a lot. Mine isn't conventional but I'm not a conventional person. Honestly, the last thing on Earth I want is someone talking about me in the third person...or using a lot of art speak etc.

If it isn't concise enough, well, no one *has* to read it. It's just something I did for a show several years ago, more biographical than anything really...I'm just calling it an artist statment for lack of a better name.

I hope that I never use terms like juxtaposition or deconstructive..that's just not who I am.

on Monday, January 23rd, subi said

Hawaii?? is that before or after you come visit me and Stella in Switzerland with Rick? :cry:

on Tuesday, January 24th, greg said

In that case, your statement is purr-rrr-fect! *cheshire grin*

conventional?? who ... said anything about being conventional?? :blush:

on Tuesday, January 24th, Elise said

Hey greg, you're joking right?

"Your statement doesnt seem "conventional" to me"...that was your comment right?

jk... ;)