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02/03/2006: "Weeping at the beauty of the sky"

Tonight I left work early while it was still light out. There was a spot of blue sky. Just a spot, surrounded by pink, blue and grey clouds. It was amazing, like being in a Miyazaki film...reminded me of "Spirited Away" when Chihiro was walking on a windy green hill with huge pink and orange coulds rolling across an expanse of blue sky above her. That feeling of being free, of feeling every fiber of your being vibrate with was so powerful I found myself sitting in the parkinglot crying as I watched the colors slowly drain away.

fading-light (26k image)

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on Saturday, February 4th, RR said

I love that image Elise. :)

on Saturday, February 4th, Ian said

I know that feelings... when one just is overcome with awe and a sense of gratefulness for the beauty around oneself...

And yeah, totally dig the image!

on Saturday, February 4th, Elise said

Yes Ian, awe is the right word for it. Oh, and I'm glad you both like the image. it's from a photo I took a couple of summers ago when I was out for a walk down by the harbor and a storm overtook me. It has been heavily manipulated in PhotoShop.

on Saturday, February 4th, Mike said

Elise, if you haven't painted that image yet, you must! And then sell it to me for a pittance! I'm a big fan of purple.

on Saturday, February 4th, Elise said

Hey Mike, I hadn't thought of painting it, though I'm doing some experimental photography stuff and I have toyed with the idea of trying to replicate some of it on canvas...I'll keep you posted.

on Wednesday, February 8th, Ian said

what I love about this image (photoshopped or otherwise) is its textural quality. Purple is indeed an exquisite hue to work with.

on Wednesday, February 8th, Elise said

Thanks Ian, the image above looks nothing like the photo it started out as...but I think it does look pretty cool in it's own right. I just don't know if I'd be very good at painting it.