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03/07/2006: "It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed."

Tonight I got a portfolio from Daniel North; he sent me one to help with the workshop I'm giving at our city museum and it's really well done, includes an exhibition resume, glossy reproductions in individual labeled sleeves. He also included his tri-fold brochure and a CD. Seems he has a great system set up, though it only illustrates what a shitty job I've been doing.

I’ve tried to be better at documenting my work in the past several years but it's hard...especially since I always seem to be finishing up paintings moments before I have to hang them on the gallery walls. I love painting but there is so much more boring stuff I *should* be doing. I get so impossibly behind at times I feel like “why bother?”

On a happier note, I may get to go to Italy this summer. I have a free ticket from Alaska Airlines (due to the "emergency decent" incident) and I can stay with a friend so no housing expenses either. Plus Italy was recently named one of the 5 cheapest places to travel and I get time off during the summer. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that Friday I found out I've been officially recommended for tenure! YEAH!

So, to get in the mood for Rome I watched "Gladiator" again last night. It's one of my favorite movies...the best scene is the recreation of the massacre of Carthage. I think I must have been a warrior in another if I could just attack this f** paperwork...What we do in life echoes in eternity!

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on Wednesday, March 8th, Kasia said

I've been to Italy twice. And I am going to Rome again in April:) Have you ever been there before? If not - you are gonna love it. iI is such a colourful country.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Too bad you'll be there in April, I won't be there until June/July if I am able to go at all.

I've been to Italy but never to Rome. I've always wanted to go but it just has never worked out.

Maybe this time. What will you be doing there? Going on holiday?

on Wednesday, March 8th, Kasia said

Yes - holiday: sightseeing, hanging out, eating the best ice cream ever:) Yeah, too bad we can't meet there:( But if you do come to Italy, I'll try to think something out. It is not so far.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Hey Kasia, what's the name of your town and what time is it there right now? I'd like to add you to my "friends" clock on the left hand side-bar.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Kasia said

It is one hour later than in London. Right now it's 6. 34 p.m. My town's name is Sochaczew. Try to pronounce that:))

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

I've added you, could you check and make sure it's right? Looks like you are on the same time as Subi!

Oh, and I don't think I could pronounce the name of your town!

on Wednesday, March 8th, Kasia said

Thank you:) It is all right:) It is something like Sohatscheff:D
Yes Switzerland has the same time zone as we here in Poland. It the same zone from France to the Ukraine. (The Ukraine is one hour later the we. ) Wow - it is 10-hour time difference between us.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Cody said

Oh, Elise, I'm so jealous. This snow and ice are driving me batty. A nice vacation in Italy should make things better. Oh well. Spring break is coming and I might be able to head down to......Ohio!

Since you made me jealous, the least you could do is punch EU Commissioner Franco Frattini in the nose for me.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Hey Cody, consider it done!

on Wednesday, March 8th, ann said

Yay on the tenure news! Yay on the free trip to Europe!

Although that last one? I'm a little bit jealous about that one. Of course, I wasn't on a plane where I thought I was going to die, so, at the VERY least, you should get a free trip to Europe out of it.

See how I rationalized myself out of my jealousy? If rationalization were a sport, I'd be a champion. :)

on Wednesday, March 8th, greg said

Wow, Italy would be great! I was just reading on Craigslist about how hot the artist scene is now in Florence (while Paris favors dead artists - although interest is still taken when the response to "What do you do?" is "I'm an artist!") :)

So AA gave you a free anywhere in the world ticket?? Nice!

I think with portfolios it really takes some time and research into how you present yourself. After you get it right (maybe like me, learn from past mistakes), and it truly represents you, I dont think it needs much further attention. Once it succeeds in getting you noticed, then move on & just do the stuff you like. But it is an important professional step. Ya gotta do it!

That was nice of Daniel. His website has improved a lot, and he sure seems like a great artistic mensch! :cool:

on Wednesday, March 8th, marja-leena said

Congratulations on getting your tenure - whoohoo!! And you will LOVE Italy (we went in fall '93 and it changed me)!! Lucky to have free accommodation - that can be expensive.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

I really did *earn* this free ticket, if ya know what I mean...I have to check where I can go, I may have to use my frequent flyer miles to Italy, now that I think about it I can only go where Alaska Airlines flys. Perhaps zihuatanejo for Christmas? Still, I'll fly free one way or the other but if I really plan to do this I better make arrangements right away as steerage seems to fill up quickly.

And Greg, yes, Daniel was incredibly cool to help me out. I think I will use his as one example, and do mine a little differently, showing my fine art prints, to give an idea of how you might do them differently if you're mailing out as a solicitation or if you are taking to a gallery to possibly sell your prints, etc.

I'm having a meeting about what I should cover exactly, in about an hour at the city museum. wish me luck!

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena...thanks for the congrats on tenure, it was a huge thing for me and it's like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

As for Italy, I've been to Venice before but I didn't get to stay long enough and I never made it to Rome. I'm really hoping to soak it all in this time (if I do indeed make it there) a lot of things have to work out just right in order for this to happen.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Diane said

Hi elise!

Finally got to hear the whole plane story by reading your blog...whenever I wonder what the heck you are doing I TOON in :blush: :P

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Hi Dee Dee, you should start a blog and then I can toon in as well.

on Thursday, March 9th, Alexander said

>>>>It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed

LOL. You've "definately" been watching Gladiator, Elise :D

My favourite scene is perhaps the "Busy little Bee" scene with Joaquin Phoenix (Commodus) and his sister, when he discovers the plot. Such eery supressed rage mixed with sadness of betrayal in the scene. Chilling, yet emotional. Have a good time in Rome. Stand in the Colloseum and shout - "Are you not entertained!" :P

on Thursday, March 9th, Elise said

Hi Alexander (do you really sail btw?)

I agree that the "busy little bee" scene is intense.

"And what do you think happened then, Lucius?"

"I don't know, uncle."

"The little bee told him everything."


on Saturday, March 11th, holly said

Congrats on tenure!

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Thanks Holly!