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03/12/2006: "Brighter Than Sunshine"

I just got back from walking through the woods while listening to upbeat music. At a sunny patch of snow I laid down and looked up through the bare tree branches at the sun until my eyes watered and my ass froze. I can't remember the last time I felt so happy. Then on my way back I saw 6 (I counted) couples walking 2 by 2 along the water. It made me stop and wonder: am I odd for not needing anyone like that? But then "Brighter Than Sunshine" started playing and I realized that I'm just fine, thankyouverymuch.

In other news, someone wanted to buy an old version of a painting from my "in progress" gallery. The last time this happened I said "no way" but this time I said I'd try and after I painted it back the way it had been I realized how much better it, all's well that ends well. Even got me painting was just the push I needed.

Then last night my dad told me which paintings in my "in progress" gallery he likes best and mentioned comments from my guestbook that impressed him. Then he told me how proud of me he is. Geesh. My dad could never understand why I quit painting realistically but he seems to like my newest paintings quite a bit, which really means a lot!!!

I feel more encouraged than ever to keep painting. Btw, this weekend is the first time that I've used Liquin in months. I put my Air So Pure next to my easle and I'm happy to report that I couldn't smell the normally noxious ordors at all! JOY! Below is a painting I started, it's very rough (she looks like she has cellulite) but the finished version looks amazing in my head.

valley-below (55k image)

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on Sunday, March 12th, ann said

You are fine just the way you are. :) So glad you recognize that.

on Sunday, March 12th, Elise said

thanks ann! btw, did you get my message about tonight?

on Sunday, March 12th, Joan said

Cellulite? I thought you quit painting "realistically?!?" :laugh:

on Sunday, March 12th, Kasia said

Not needing anyone is not odd at all- I've got a boyfriend, but I could live alone, no problem. The secret is to be happy in your skin wether with or without somebody.
The painting looks great, the cellulite part has made me laugh - I'd never think of cellulite looking at her.:D

on Sunday, March 12th, Elise said

Hi Joan! Haven't heard from you in awhile. Wanted to tell you I wore my popcorn t-shirt the other night and thought of you, I'm hoping you guys get some rain soon...

And Kasia, sorry, I wasn't at my computer when you tried to IM earlier today. I just got back from a dinner party and I'm pooped. Off to bed *really* early tonight like the old fart I am.

on Sunday, March 12th, Kasia said

What?? Don't even say you are "the old fart", Elise! Don't even think it:)) Sweet dreams!

on Monday, March 13th, Elise said

I don't really consider myself an old fart, (though there's nothing wrong with being one) I'm just not used to going to bed before midnight.

Last night we had these horrible strong winds that kept waking me up and every time I fell back to sleep I had the same dream, that Yellowstone had errupted!

on Monday, March 13th, Kasia said

So maybe the dreams means you are a volcano of energy, creativity and artistic power? I truly believe that. :)

on Monday, March 13th, Elise said


Maybe I'll have to do a painting called "Self Portrait of the Artisit as an Erupting Volcano"

on Monday, March 13th, Kasia said


on Tuesday, March 14th, berry bowman connell said

God, I hope I can keep this under a thousand words this time....
I do have a terrible case of on and onism, eh?
I didn't mean to say sell something you feel is unfinished, only that some folks might think it is finished for them.
Bob Ross used to do that so many times on his program....I'de be screaming at the tv (well, not really screaming. Just sying it louder,...) "Stop! Bob, leave it at that!"
But, he'de never listen and would go on to paint what it was he had in mind, and, sure it would look good, but,...
There was a picture there that he covered up. And the picture beneath the picture will not be back.

Now on the other side of things, sometimes one has to read all the comments to get to write because else there may redundancies.
I did a painting of opposites (sp?) once, and the setting was indeed, Alaska.
I had on it a volcano rising out of the water just off shore from a cliiff of ice glaciers, spewing lava and smoke in a mist of fog and steam during the period of time when it seems the Sun never sets,...
It was light and dark, water earth air and fire, ice and lava, cold and hot, day and night , real and unreal,...and on and on.
Scared the hell out of me when I was finshed, but, years later I saw it for what it was...too much statement in too little space.
Still have the stupid thing. Last time I saw it was while cleaning up the barn out back.
Thought about dragging it out and trying to sell it again, but, dang! You can only take the word "no" just so many times, eh?

on Tuesday, March 14th, Elise said

Hi Berry, I thought I had already responded to this but my comment isn't there so I'll try it again.

Basically I agree with you regarding:

"There was a picture there that he covered up"

Most of my paintings have covered up paintings inside them.
Also, you should post of photo of your volcano painting, it sounds intense!