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I *hate* getting woken up when I'm still very tired. I'm a night owl and I've always had problems getting a normal night's sleep so my bed has become an absolute oasis for me. This morning, totally ensconced in a cloud of soft blankets and pillows, the alarm went off. I knew I had to get up, no way around it, even if I'd had less than 4 hours of sleep. And I felt anger inside bordering on hatred.

My mom on the other hand was a morning person. She would be pretty damn cheery in the morning too. I feel bad looking back, how impossible it was for her to get me out of bed for school in the morning. She would come into my room singing "Good Morning Sunshine" all smiles and then tickle me. She'd have to make several trips into my room, a little less cheery each time, ultimately ending in elevating levels of threats of physical violence against my person. If it wasn't for her I'd be a grade school drop-out for sure!

And now that I'm an adult and have a job to keep, I have to get up on my own...with no one to have a pot of coffee waiting for me, or to sing "Good Morning Sunshine". I *really* could have used my mom this morning. Of course, my alarm clock (after it beeps for a several seconds) has a recording of my grandparents yelling at me "GET OUT OF BED YA LAZY GIRL" and then my grandma's uncontrollable giggles...which helps a little.

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on Thursday, May 4th, ann said

The alarm with a recording is an awesome idea! Truly great. And I bet it's fun to hear your family in the morning.

The Juneau Empire's write-up about your show is great! And so is the picture of one of your paintings. :)

on Thursday, May 4th, buildings guy said

omg that is very cute having your grandparents recording. i need to get one of those clocks :)

on Thursday, May 4th, Elise said

Hey Ann, thanks! I got an email from Rob letting me know that one of my paintings was on the cover of the "This Week" which is very cool. I hadn't even seen the paper so I ran out and looked right away and was really excited.

And hi buildings guy!...the recording from my grandparents is very special to me. The alarm comes with a picture frame so I have a photo of them in it as well. Here is a link to one similar to mine:

Though I think the one I have only cost around 10 or 15 dollars.

on Thursday, May 4th, Kasia said

Hi! I am back from my May break:)
I am a night owl, too and I hate getting up early! It is a physical pain! I'd like to have an alarm like this:) gotta ask my grandma, heh :laugh:

on Thursday, May 4th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, welcome back! Yes, you should get the alarm, I'm considering getting a another one so I can also get a message from my dad.

on Thursday, May 4th, holly said

Your clock sounds hilarious. I haven't used a clock in ages-- I am so hard wired fir stress that I just wake up when I know I have to get up.


on Thursday, May 4th, Elise said

Ah *hell* no!

There's no possible way I could get up in the morning without an alarm clock and several hits of the snooze button,,,

Anyway, thanks for the good vibes I can feel being sent my way.