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05/04/2006: "Mad Props!"

Well, the show is hung and looks pretty good. The space is a lot bigger than I remembered. Anyway, I want to thank Ann for not only helping me cart all 20 paintings to the gallery, but staying to help me hang the show and make the final decisions about what should go where. She has a very good eye for it.

Thanks to Rob and Pagan for the freshly painted walls, the spare keys, and the Italian lemonade!

Thanks (as always) to Korry Keeker at the Juneau Empire for the excellent write up in the paper including the coveted cover of "This Week".

this-week-two-crow (120k image)

Korry has done so much to promote the thriving artist community in Juneau; for such a small city this place kicks ass! Thanks Korry!!!

Thanks to Stephen Colbert, for the hilarious roast at the WHCA dinner...for taking the edge off with his big-balled truthiness.

And thanks to all my friends, in the flesh as well as the blogosphere...for listening to me bitch and moan while always being indulgent and supportive. I doubt I would still be working this hard without your constant encouragement.

I'm always amazed at how great my friends are; where would we be without them? Tomorrow will come and go, it may be well attended or possibly the horribly dreary weather will keep people home, but the most important thing is that my friends/family will love and be there for me either way, even if (especially if) the show is a huge flop. :blush:

Oh, and last but not least, thanks to my most beloved of all, my daddy pooh in Nebraska who didn't try to talk me out of being an artist when I was a kid and who I love with every fiber of my being!

Replies: 14 Comments

on Friday, May 5th, dave from Nebraska said

Nice cover!
Best of luck to ya.
I'll be there in spirit so pour a Italian lemonade for me.

on Friday, May 5th, rob roys said

the show looks great. good job. it is already a success.

on Friday, May 5th, Stephanie said

Enjoy your success! Count me in as another "there in spirit" :)

on Friday, May 5th, Howard said

Cover looks great. Good luck with the show.

on Friday, May 5th, holly said

That's the painting I used in my class! It's breathtaking and it looks stunning on the cover.

on Friday, May 5th, Elise said

Thanks again everyone! I still wish I could do my "virtual" opening but maybe next time. Rob, did you finish hanging your show? I can't wait to see it. The paintings I saw drying looked really good, I envy your varnish!

And thanks for the all caps Holly!

on Friday, May 5th, marja-leena said

Great cover and publicity! Good luck and have a great opening - will be there 'in spirit' too!

on Friday, May 5th, holly said

I'm being a cheerleader. Are you impressed?

on Friday, May 5th, ann said

The show looked GREAT! And it was fun helping you hang your work. Thanks for the 'mad props' :)

on Saturday, May 6th, Elise said

Thanks again everyone. The show went great, there was a large turn out, lots of new faces, I sold an additional 5 paintings (including the thom one, sorry Holly) I'll do the full debrief tomorrow...I'm beat!

on Saturday, May 6th, Kasia said

Peter Gabriel has this song called "What a show"!. Yeah, looks like a really good one this time:) Enjoy!

on Saturday, May 6th, holly said

*heart breaks*
But good for you!

on Wednesday, May 10th, greg said

That cover is fantastic! Holly seems to have good taste. Maybe she should take a class on art appreciation, or something! (...ah probably way too late for that joke!) :)

hey, and hear! hear! for all those "friends" out here in cyberspace you've never met! :D

on Wednesday, May 10th, Elise said

Hey Holly, sorry to break your heart, but I can create another totally original and yet similarish painting of Thom for you!

And Greg, thanks! I was pretty happy to get the cover, it really helps drum up attendance.