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05/19/2006: "I love you TIVO but...."

Sometimes...when a show runs a little long, I'll miss the ending. Last night I missed the ending of the season finale of ER! I can't find out anywhere what happened. Can anyone tell me what I missed in the last 5 minutes? I was thinking this would be a great new website for Dio to start: People can write detailed descriptions of the last 5 minutes of all the TV shows they watch so that when people like me are left going WTF, I can just look it up and have instant satisfaction.


yes, I watch too much television. This point is even further brought home by the fact that I have a couple staying with me for 3 weeks and they don't watch *any* television. It's making me more conscious of how often I have the TV on. However, I've decided not to beat myself up about it. As far as vices go, it's a rather innocuous one.

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on Friday, May 19th, holly said

At last your tv is in English. Can I come home now?

on Saturday, May 20th, Elise said


I don't know why it seems so much more amazing to hear from you in France but it's the cheese?

on Saturday, May 20th, Elise said

btw, I should mention that every time I've traveled alone for a period of time, there's an adjustment period.

I remember I traveled in France alone before and I was pretty lonely at first, even easy things seem more complicated and stressful...but that part passes, you start to meet fun people and get the hang of being on the road and ultimately never want to leave!

on Saturday, May 20th, berry bowman connell said

What's better'n TiVo?
DVDs! No commercials, pause on shots y'want t'paint, and best of all, you can watch them anytime ya want....
or not.

on Saturday, May 20th, Jackie said

E: Okay - I admit it, I'm an ER addict too! I have severely limited my shows to a few series - but still watch too damn much tv! Anyway - in the finale of ER: remember the bad guys shot up the ER and took Alex's mom (the nurse, Luka's ex) hostage. The bad guys were her ex and one of his crime buddies and his girlfriend. They fled the hospital in a van - and had Alex inside bound with duct-tape. Luka was still paralyzed by the drugs they shot him up with, and was trying to wiggle the gurney into a shelf to alert someone. Abby was helping save Jerry's life -he'd been shot in the chest/neck or somewhere. Abby was on her way to the suture room where Luka and some other bound victims are, when she realized she was bleeding (losing the baby?) Her bloody hand smeared against the window, which of course Luka saw. That was the end. Oh - and a flash to the scene where Nila and Pratt are attending Michael's burial, and Pratt is getting a page from the ER.
How's that for a synopsis?
Holly: parlesvous Francais yet? How's that handy phrase list that Greg sent ya comin' in?

on Saturday, May 20th, Cody said

I'm one of those boorish dopes that believes ER was da bomb back when it featured its original cast. I don't like the new cast because they're......different. Heh.

on Saturday, May 20th,">Elizabeth said

There is a way you can set up the recording options on your Tivo, so it would not cut off the ending.
If you are interested I can explain it to you :)

on Saturday, May 20th, Elise said

Hey Berry, I agree that box sets are the way to go, but with TIVO you can skip commercials and pause to paint etc. plus, I've saved an entire season of Alias because I don't want to watch it until I finish the season that came before the most part TIVO is just as good imho.

And Jackie THANK YOU!

Wow, that sucks about Jerry and Abbey...poor luka. I was shocked when they blew up Gallant mid-sentance!

Oh, and you're not boorish for not liking ER Cody, I only started watching it in the past couple of years, I happened to catch the first episode on reruns and then ended up watching them until I got caught up with the current season. It's not like I think it's the best show ever or anything, I've just gotten used to watching it and now I can't stop!

And Elizabeth, thanks for the offer...I know how to extend the record time by 5 or 10 minutes and I usually do that for programs that normally run long, but I didn't this time.

on Sunday, May 21st, Kasia said

I am back. Still in grief after my dog, but it's better now.
I've been living without a tv for a year now and you know what? I miss it! Really! Especially when I get home tired and the only thing I feel like doing is watching "Friends" (or ER).

on Sunday, May 21st, Elise said

I really am sorry about your dog Kasia, how terrible. When you're ready will you get another one? It can be so sad to come home and not have anyone to greet you at the door.

As for the TV, you are probably better off not having one, though I think if I gave mine up my head would explode!

on Monday, May 22nd, Kasia said

Well I am not sure about the dog. I'd love to have one one day, but not yet.

on Monday, May 22nd, Elise said

I'm sure it's still too soon. Grief can take a long time to get over but one day, hopefully, you'll feel up to it again.