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08/23/2006: "It's hard out here for a librarian"

So, i've been crazy busy...start of fall semester there are deadlines every day as we amp up to the first day of school. Tomorrow is the final implementation of a project I've been working on all summer and Monday morning is Freshmen Orientation… the library is trying something new in an attempt to *not* bore to death the roughly 160 new students. I'm not finished creating the game they'll play but I did help pick out the prizes: mood pencils, highlighters on carabineers and for the winning teams, small sized triangular shaped backpacks complete with groovy library logo!

Plus, I have my courses to get ready for...not to mention the courses I teach for other faculty, the start of the Curriculum Committee which I chair, and my presentation for a faculty development seminar! When I get nervous about how high pressure my new job may be I have to remember how stressful my current one can get!

Speaking of which, Maren has offered to help me move down to WA on the ferry. She'll drive my tracker (sorry Rob, it's comin with me!) and I'll drive a U-Haul. Having help will make all the difference in the world!

Now tonight I'm reading a book my dean friend gave me, "Leaders: the strategies for taking charge" far it's good but I wonder if being an effective leader is something you can learn? Off topic, there’s a quote by Bill Cosby I like: "I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone". I think that holds especially true for artists…and I *am* still an artist, despite my librarianly ways.

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on Thursday, August 24th, Daniel said

Slightly inspired by your adventures, I've been exploring, in my own blog, the concept of fame and our attempts to impress or placate others.

You know who you are, you've nothing left to prove. Enjoy life, continue the adventure, the rest of us will hang around to watch the show, regardless. Its human nature.

on Thursday, August 24th,">willow said

Elise, that's great that you will have someone to help you move! It makes it a little less stressful, especially on a long trip like that.

Daniel, I just checked out your blog. I lived in Santa Fe for awhile, and recently I have been yearning for a dose of that big sky and clear mountain air. And a breakfast burrito from the Plaza cafe! Yum!

on Thursday, August 24th, Elise said

I love to be slightly inspiring! I’ve enjoyed reading your musings on fame seekers etc. I think we all long for, in not fame, some kind of recognition/validation as individual. I suppose that’s normal to a greater or lesser degree.

And Willow, I agree that 50% of my stress has been relieved thanks to Maren…what would we do without close friends?

on Thursday, August 24th, Joan said

Jumping in on the concept of recogniton/validation.....I find I feel good about knowing who I am and what I do, but to be recognized or appreciated is outstanding. Even if it is a kind word. Don't really need a fan fair/fare (I don't know). Just a "that a girl," will do. And do very well at that. Sometimes, just a slight follow through is fabulous - speaking in a family sense. Those of you with kids/other -heck, any relationship person - know this very well.

The more I think about this, the more I realize a reaction that indicates I exist is VERY IMPORTANT to me. It leads me to think of the "purposeful life," and not just "bumping along." Bump, that happened...bump, somthing else..etc.

I heard a thing not long ago. "What are you life goals? Is what you are doing today getting you towards those goals?" Could anyone see by your life "this" is what you are striving for? I think I may have opened a new can of worms......

on Thursday, August 24th, Elise said

"a reaction that indicates I exist is VERY IMPORTANT to me"

I was reading this book about an old man nearing death who lives all alone and he doesn't want to die on a day where no one noticed him, so he will spill his change at the grocery store or throw a tantrum at the coffee shop or whatever, it was such an interesting idea to me, the importance of being noticed.

When I first came back from Hawaii there was a week or so there where no one was making eye contact with me or returning my smiles and it really freaked me out.

Anyway, not sure where I was going with that, just that I agree with you.

I also like the question of whether anyone can see by your actions alone, what it is you're striving for.

The other night I had a pretty intense phone conversation with someone and the subject of the new job came up and he asked about my 5 (although in reality it was 10) year plan to make my living soley as an artist.


If you look at the recent "career" choices I've been making, i'd say you'd never guess that was my life goal or that what I'm doing today is getting me closer to it. It kind of threw me for a loop, especially since it's too late for me to do anything about it..wheels in motion and all of that.

hmmm, didn't mean to go off, just that I've had many of these thoughts on my mind and it's a lot to think about. Thanks for your perspective.

And for the record, I recognize what you do and how much you've accomplished, both professionally and with your family and I'm *very* proud of you!