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09/29/2006: "Thoughts on art charities? I say: paint till it hurts!"

I know that as artists we frequently get hit up for art work donations but I look at it as one way that we can use our talent to give something back. Maybe we don't have enough money to donate as much cash as we'd like, but the only *real* cost of donating a small painting is that of the materials (negligible) and our time. So, we get to spend our time doing something that we love anyway *and* know that we're helping people in need...what could be better than that!

For those of you here in Juneau, you may want to consider contributing to this fund raiser for the Glory Hole homeless shelter.

December 1st
Theme for the art is: Simple Gifts
All art pieces will be auctioned starting at artists set reserve. Art may be matted and framed but neither is a requirement. The 8x 10 or 5x7 size may be the framed size or the unframed size. Any primarily 2-dimensional medium is acceptable

DEADLINE for pieces will be Monday November 27th at 5:00 and can be taken to The Glory Hole OFFICE or can be brought to my (Mary Anderson's) house in the Valley please phone me at 789-6883.
We will have donation forms available.

I think that doing smaller sized, more affordable paintings right before the holidays is a great idea and will probably sell quite well here since it's for charity. If you aren't in Juneau, you may want to consider trying to sponsor something similar in your own community.

I keep remembering that Ghandi quote about happiness being when our thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony. Well, who among us doesn't say or think that they wish they could be doing more?

And if you aren't an on the lookout for charity related art benefits over the holidays. You can help just buy supporting the arts.

*descends soapbox*

Replies: 7 Comments

on Sunday, October 1st, Judy Vars said

:DHi Elise,
Artists do get hit up for donations quite often so here is a thought give the best you've got not that piece that just didn't hit the mark or the work that does not put your very best foot foreward or that experiment that didn't work out. You know what I mean. First in the right sprit of giving and secondly because plenty of art lovers and potential clients go to these charity events. It's not a time to get chincy. You know what I mean?

on Sunday, October 1st, Judy Vars said

Ah Oh that came out like I was telling you. I'm not preaching to you. I'm just making a comment.

on Sunday, October 1st, Elise said

hi Judy, you didn't sound preachy at all, and I agree with you. I think I'm going to try and do 2 or 3 9x7 sized paintings for the soup kitchen...I'm just not sure what to do yet.

Subi mentioned on my site recently that she couldn't find any of my paintings set in the winter, which is odd because it's one of my favorite seasons...maybe because nudes out in the snow would be too strange?

on Sunday, October 1st, dad said

nudes in the snow sounds neat go with it you can really work some blue shads into it

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

you're right dad, it might look interesting with the pales colors and blue highlights...and the model wouldn't really need to pose in the snow!

on Monday, October 2nd, Judy Vars said

Nudes in the snow would be really neet perhaps they could be blue and frozen in a block of ice. :laugh:

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

I just remembered an older painting I did called "the temperature of skin" that was a nude in front of a glacier, only her skin had red tones...but yes, there could be some interesting compositions. I'm thinking of a snow angel for one of them...maybe...(when you lay in the snow and move your arms and legs back and forth to make it look like you have wings)