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10/02/2006: "Full and Balanced"

If I had to describe this weekend in one word, it would be balanced, which isn’t common for me so it was particularly nice. It included:

Attending a wonderful campus lecture on the geologic and cultural heritage of the land of the Auk Kwan people (Tlingit), where UAS is currently located.

Having coffee at Valentines with Jen and Amelia; the shopping afterwards wore me out (one of the perils of carpooling) but I did enjoy looking through skeins of colorful yarn.

Having a friend stop by unexpectedly and actually inviting him in rather than pretending not to be home.

Many hours of painting, *but also* the ability to stop painting when invited to go outside during a break in the rain.

Beach combing with Aaron, taking turns photographing:

sea-weed-watercolor-filter (78k image)
funky seaweed roots -by Aaron (+watercolor filter) -by me

termination-dust-oct-1 (32k image)
the first termination dust of the season

aarons-pumphouse (29k image)
Lovely pumphouse shot by Aaron

the-scream-wood (37k image)
Edvard Munch’s “the Scream” in a tree trunk - by Aaron

Actually cooking dinner at home afterwards, rather than charging it…which I think was more fun anyway. Aaron put wasabi in the salmon dip…excellent idea! He also taught me to tie a fast bowline knot…so, I’ve got that going for me.

Breakfast and girl talk with a friend at the Douglas Café. I knew nearly everyone dining there too, which is a great feeling. I LOVE DOUGLAS!

Working on projects from the (now defunct) move related list such as deep cleaning my bedroom and the “exercise” room (formerly known as the Room Where I Shove Everything When Guests Come Over)

Hanging out with the McBrien clan in the valley; constant giggling; holding a kitten.

Another walk through Treadwell and then to see a friend’s hockey game, though by the time I got there he was walking out to the parking lot…oops...I just missed you Maren!

Rediscovering the joy of napping.

Having the TV turned off for several days in a row and not missing a damn thing.

Replies: 8 Comments

on Monday, October 2nd, Maren said

Hey Elise, Flip mentioned he saw you at the rink. We will hook up for another game....there will be plenty! Halloween is a GO!!!

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

I have to warn you that I know nothing about hockey but I'd still like to see Flip play sometime so just let me know the next time there's a game.

And I'm happy that halloween is a goal. I'm still waiting on my costume to arrive. There's still plenty of time, I'm just excited to try it on! Has yours arrived yet?

on Monday, October 2nd, marja-leena said

It is a wonderful feeling when eveything is in balance, that you can experience the many joys of work and play wothout feeling that any part of them is deprived. May that feeling continue ( and pass some of that magic to me too, heh!).

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

It *does* seem a little like magic Marja-leena. I can't ever seem to sustain happiness, contentment, balance, or anything of that nature...for very long.

I'm *really* trying, and I think part of it is just getting outside my own head more. Being around other people, walking in fresh air, letting go of the weight of all the ills in the world. I can say that my reduced exposure to the 24 hour news cycle has done wonders for my anxiety level.

on Monday, October 2nd, Judy Vars said

I worked 4 12 hour nights in a row and slept the rest of the weekend. Send some good balance and positive engrgy to me :laugh: :D :doze: :crazy: :hehe: :crazy:
p.s. love your photos

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

Wow Judy, that sounds horrible...I thought it was 4 10s? Is that legal?

Anyway, I'm sending good balance and positive energy to you as we speak...zooom! Did you feel that?

Oh, and I'm glad you liked the pictures, I only took one of them but it was a really beautiful day out. I love this time of year in Alaska (when it isn't raining anyway) don't you?

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Roger (lurker) said

Wow, great photos. I hope to make it up there someday. Reading your site only makes me want to try harder to make it happen. Thanks for sharing.

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Elise said

Hi Roger, I suggest visiting for a prolonged period of time (not just the summer) before making a move to Alaska. It's not for everyone...but Hi! Thanks for de-lurking.