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11/15/2006: "Crash, Bang, Boom"

So, we've received over 24 inches of snow in the last couple of days with more in the forecast for every day this week. Driving home from work on Monday, I got into a car accident. The front left side of the other car got smashed in pretty good but my bumper only got scraped. I gave them my information for their insurance (it was their fault) but didnít take down theirís. As I started to drive away I realized my neck and upper back were killing me. GREAT!

This is a fairly good analogy for my life lately. One minute I was cruising along happy and carefree, just enjoying the sceneryÖand the next I found myself lying on the couch doped up on Percocet staring at the ceiling and wondering where it all went wrong.

Without getting into too many gory details, Iíve been emotionally eviscerated recently (mostly my own fault) and feel like the walking wounded. Life can be so disappointing. One minute you think you have something really special going on and it can all turn out to be smoke and mirrors.

Damn, I sound really bitter donít I? Well, I won't allow myself to wallow *too* long.

Anyway, here are some pictures from campus from the first snow dump. At least I have the snow. The snow always makes me feel better. Iíve been going cross country skiing at night after dark when the world is quiet and gives off a peaceful glow. And who among us couldnít use some peaceful glow from time to time?

tracker-lib-parking-snow2 (92k image)
My tracker in the empty snowy parking lot on campus.

snowy-trees-in-front-of-library (98k image)
Giant evergreens overloaded with snow.

library-reading-nook-snowy (103k image)
Student sleeping in my favorite reading nook at the library.

auk-lake-snowy-student (83k image)
A photo I took out the window of the coffee shop in front of the library.

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on Wednesday, November 15th, Maren said

You've been cross country skiing afterwork? Maybe you could bring your skis to work and we could go on the wetlands trail or on Auke Lake (is it frozen?) I have skis and would love to go. Remember when we meet and we all went to Alyeska??

on Wednesday, November 15th, Daniel North said

I have this theory that life in general has become a downhill sled-ride without any snow. Something harsh to finish 2006, so 2007 actually looks good in January. Look at it this way, atleast you HAVE the snow (though, I infer that was what caused the wreck). I have heavy wind and tumbleweeds bigger than my SUV (seriously they are huge).

on Wednesday, November 15th, Elise said

Hey Maren, yes, I remember how we met and skiing in Alyeska, that is a really good memory for me.

I would *love* to start skiing at lunch...Auke Lake isn't entirely frozen yet, I think the wetlands trail would be better. I'll bring my skis tomorrow actually.

And Daniel, I don't feel that pessimistic. Though I'm feeling really heart broken at the moment, I still feel hopeful for the future.

And I am grateful (more than you know) for the snow. I *love* snow...I adore it with every fiber of my being...even though this morning I was sore and running late for work and had to shovel out a huge berm from behind my car with a crappy little garden shovel because my snow shovel blew away in our last big wind storm and I had to take a break after I finished the berm and while I was resting the snow plow came along and created another, even taller, berm.

even then...(after having another little cry) I didn't curse the snow. I could never hate it. And Juneau looks like a snow globe right now. So, in general my attitude is to take good care of myself and keep a positive attitude...things could be much much worse.

on Wednesday, November 15th, marja-leena said

Oh, what gorgeous snow, I just love how it clings to the trees! Makes me miss snow country. Here it's coming down swimming pools, but it is snowing up on the mountains but I can't see them for the clouds.

I hope you feel better soon, in your neck and your heart, Elise!!

on Wednesday, November 15th, Elise said

Thanks Marja-leena. I am going to enjoy the snow every single day because the annoying part of living in Juneau is that you can get tons of beautiful powder and then it can warm up overnight, start raining, and everything melts away.

I'm so relieved that I didn't move to Washington State where they said it almost never snows, maybe one tiny snow a year! I would have been bereft!

As for healing, well, I hope it doesn't take too long...I'm still a very busy girl. (I mean woman!)


on Wednesday, November 15th, Jackie said

E: sorry to hear about your mishaps! I knew something was wrong - you don't usually break from blogging without some good reason.
Hey - we get snow here - only it's all up in the mountains! That's really for the better, with the ineptitude that Seattleites have for driving on snow. If we get an inch of snow, they call a snow day here! Kodiak is like Juneau - we get dumped on, enjoy the beauty of snow-draped trees, then it rains, and we have 10 inches of slush and freezing glaciated roads!
Hope you feel better soon! (too bad you don't have an icon here for hot chocolate or a margarita) :laugh:

on Wednesday, November 15th, Elise said

oooh Jackie, hot chocolate sounds great. I'm going to dinner at a friend's house tonight and planned to bring a bottle of wine but I think hot chocolate and real marsh mellows would be even better.

on Thursday, November 16th, subi said

get better soon. ohhhh, i miss ak!!! maybe i'll find a job at uase some day...le sigh.

on Thursday, November 16th, Howard said

I'm not much of a snow person myself, but it certianly looks a whole lot better than the windy rainy mess we've been getting over the last couple of days. I forget sometimes how peaceful a snow covered landscape can be.

on Thursday, November 16th, Kateri said

Ok so THAT's where you work. Woweee - you call that a reading nook? Its so open and grand! Beautiful.

I can't wait for snow to fall here in Montreal and experience that peacefull glow - even if it means getting out of town.

I can ski up our little mountain in the city though, and you just gave me the idea to get myself some cross country skies. cool!

Get well soon :)


on Thursday, November 16th, Elise said

Hi Subi!
It would be awesome if you got a job at UAS! Would Harry ever be willing to move back to the States?

And yes Howard, a snow covered landscape does feel very peaceful...though I'm sure it will turn into a windy rainy mess for us as well (soon enough).

And hi Kateri, yes, this is where I work, the building where the library is housed is gorgeous. Lots of windows and sky lights, it makes everything look amazing when it's snowing out.

When does it usually start snowing in Montreal?

oh, and cross country skiing is *so* much fun...if you haven't done it before, you'll love it!

on Thursday, November 16th, greg said

"I'm so relieved that I didn't move to Washington State ..."
WHAA?!? We 'only' got a few feet of rain ... and you like scuba diving too, right? You would have loooooved it here :P

We really hope for some snow this year ... it's been scarce for a few seasons.

Hope youre feeling alot better now.

on Thursday, November 16th, Elise said

Hi Greg!
Yes, I like scuba diving and yes, it probably does get a lot less rain there...I'm sure I would have loved it there eventually...

But my heart really is in Juneau. If I've realized anything this past year, it's that I will probably never leave here...that's a scary and also comforting thing to realize. Rather than having to compare my situation here to every other possibility out there, I can just relax and enjoy all the things that I have.

Does that make sense?

on Thursday, November 16th, laura said

Hi, I have just discovered the AK blog ring and can't quite figured out how to join! Anyway, I like your blog and you're welcome to visit mine at!

on Thursday, November 16th, Elise said

Hi Laura,

Your blog is very interesting. If you want to join the AK blogring it's pretty easy, just paste the following into the sidebar of your blog using your blogger dashboard to access the "Edit Me" area:

Alaska Blogs

I hope this helps!

on Thursday, November 16th, Elise said

oops, my blogging software automatically translated the code into the actual blog roll. I'll try and just send you an email with the code.