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10/12/2007: "Don't Advertise Your Man"

Well, I'm going against my own advice here but I just have to say, my boyfriend is the best!

Last night I was in a lot of pain (again) from my back and he convinced me to let him crack my back for me. I have been seeing a chiropractor and the last adjustment made me feel better for a little while, but then the pain was back strong as ever.

So, he cracked and popped away and I felt instantly better. Today I have a little residual soreness but nothing like the constant stabbing pain I've been feeling. Plus, he's been giving me these amazing daily massages without me even having to ask!

I know I haven't been the most enjoyable person to be around these past several weeks either...the constant pain has made me boring and moody. I haven't been painting or doing anything helpful around the house either. He, on the other hand, has been cleaning and installed shelving, a new cabinet in my bathroom, and installed a programable thermostat upstairs.

He is so good to me, so patient and caring. I really do feel amazingly lucky to have him. After years and years (a lifetime) as a hard core, dyed in the wool Singleton, I feel like I've won the boyfriend JACKPOT!

Life drawing sessions at the Ruby Room are starting up again next week and I promise that as soon as my back stablizes and I can start working again, I'll be back to posting and writing about art...but for the time being...I felt a little tongue waggin was in order...

Enjoy this jazz classic!

Don't Advertise Your Man by Clara Smith.

This tongue twister
A big mouth sister
Had herself a loving piece

She had a way of braggin
Kept her tongue a waggin
With every woman sheíd meet

So her bosom friend
Found her lovin man
And he quit her
Cold as ice

And she never had
A word to say
But has given every woman this advice

Open your eyes
Women be wise
And donít advertise your man

Itís alright to have a little
Bird in the bush
But it aninít like the one
That youíve got in your hand

Your head will hang low
And your heart will ache
You are fattenin a frog
For a pampered snake

So take a tip
And hold your lip
And donít advertise your man

Donít be a nut
Keep your mouth shut
And donít advertise your man

Itís alright to blow about
your hat or your dress
But never talk about the man
That you love the best

Rave about the things
Your lovin man can do
Some other woman sure
To take him away from you

So take a tip
And hold your lip
And donít advertise your man
Take my advice
And donít advertise your man

Replies: 3 Comments

on Friday, October 12th, Bea said

I hear Bonny Rait singing it... I am so glad for you! You have lived/done many wonderful things and having a wonderful love-who-loves you is a nice addition>

on Friday, October 12th, Elise said

Hi Bea, Bonnie Rait did a remake of it that is also pretty good.

And thanks! Having a wonderful love *is* a nice addition!
You have a pretty great love too!

on Sunday, October 14th, Kasia said

Say hello from Poland to Aaron! :)