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01/16/2008: "Back in action"

OK, my recent downtime has not *entirely* been my fault.

First, they upgraded my web server and the site was inaccessible for several days. Next I was unable to get to my blog because the upgrade broke the software somehow. I had to submit a work order and itís finally back in action today.

So, here are some updates:

1. I started a new painting. Itís not great but I needed to put paint to canvas and I am doing that.

2. My sweetie is taking a welding class which means I have the house to myself for 5 hours at a time, two nights a week. Iím looking forward to getting a lot of new work started. I have some ideas but theyíre still pretty hazy.

3. My back is getting much better. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

4. Iíve started a ďGoals ClubĒ with two other friends. We keep written long and short term goals and meet the first Sat. of the month for brunch and to talk about how we are progressing in various parts of our lives. So far this month Iím not doing so well.

5. I saw one of my artist friends last night and had a competition over who had recently been a bigger slacker. I won!

6. It has been snowing a lot lately. I havenít been able to ski or snow shoe because of my back but itís still beautiful and makes me feel snuggly inside.

7. Our bars are all smoke-free now! I know itís controversial and a bunch of people hate the new laws, but I am very allergic to smoke and canít go anywhere itís allowed without getting sick. So, for me a whole new host of drinking and pool shooting opportunities have arisen. Yeah!

8. I am spending *a lot* of time following the 2008 Presidential Race. For us political junkies, this is HIGH THEATER. Writer's strike? What writer's strike?

9. Aaron and I bought a webcam (Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000) and we LOVE it. So far we've only been able to talk to my sister Kelly in TX and my sister Jenny in Anchorage, (and their children) but it has been a lot of fun and makes me feel much closer to them. We use Windows live Messenger for video conferencing. If you have a webcam and want to add me as a contact, send me an email.


To anyone who has sent me an email or posted a comment on this blog in the past month or so that I have not responded to. Iíve been getting a lot of email and simultaneously not spending a lot of time online. I feel a bit overwhelmed just answering the emails I get from my family and close friends. I *do* read and enjoy your emails, I *always* have good intentions to write back, but it doesnít always happen. So, Iím sorry.