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01/24/2008: "When Hell Freezes Over!"

Tonight I had dinner with my good friend and faithful blog reader, Maren. She confessed "you know Elise, I don't even read your blog anymore"...yikes. I know, it has been pretty lame lately.

As of right now I'm going to post every single day for the next several weeks. Why? Well, first of all I've really missed blogging. Secondly, I've been asked to write an article on blogging for Art Calendar(the business magazine for visual artists) and I've been consistently breaking the cardinal rule of often!

I'm very excited about writing the article. An editor emailed me and said he admired my art and blog and asked if I would consider writing an article (up to 900 words) about how to write a compelling blog. I jumped at the chance!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Art Calendar is an excellent national magazine that caters primarily to professional artists. I used to be a subscriber for years and years until I let my subscription run out recently along with a lot of other business related stuff I've let slide.

And why have I been letting things slide so much? Well, for one thing...I'm in love.

Which leads me to some HUGE news... I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!

My friend Sean nicely sums up the reaction I've had so far from friends and family:

"Is this why it was so cold down here finally? Did hell finally freeze over?!".

Hell freezing over (48k image)

Yes Sean, Hell is freezing over! And I couldn't be more excited about it. Here's how it went down:
Sat. night Aaron and Rob and I went to see the monster movie Cloverfield (loved it!). At about 5am I could tell that Aaron was lying in bed awake. We got to talking and he mentioned that the movie had disturbed him. I said "at least they had each other in the end and could say how much they loved each other". Then I told him that I'd stick with him to the very end and he said "really?, then would you like to marry me?". And I said "YES". And it was all very sweet and cuddly and I told him that now Cloverfield would be our movie and we'd have to watch it every year on our anniversary. Then we fell back to sleep and I had to ask him in the morning if we were engaged and he said that we were.

so.... YEAH!

Now, this brings up all kinds of identiy issues. I think it was Degas who said something like "there is work and there is love, I have but one heart"...something like that. I fear that love has filled up that hole in my heart...the one that wakes us up in the middle of the night to paint...or sculpt, or write.

Since I was a little girl I equated love and marriage to the death of myself as a serious artist. I know on some level that that's crap. I know all kinds of successful married artists...but it's something I worry about. I've always kind of seen myself as an outsider...someone not interested in taking the road most traveled, walking to the beat of my own drum and all that. But getting married is such a conventional thing to do. It's not something I've ever wanted for myself, and yet here I am, engaged and deliriously happy.

I told Rob that our song is "Dream a Little Dream" the Louis Armstrong version and he responded:

"BARF" Where's the woman who painted this?

Angry (48k image)

Where indeed? And is that a bad thing?

Well, I shouldn't write everything in one monster post, I have to save something for tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Speaking of which, I've dug out my digital camera and I'm going to start taking some photos again. Also, I have a pretty cool idea for my upcoming exhibit at the Canvas Gallery, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Time to go look through my wedding planner!

PS. I didn't realize that the comments weren't working. The problem has been fixed now.

Replies: 8 Comments

on Friday, January 25th, Sam said

Welcome back, that is wonderful news though there will be some broken hearts out here in the blogosphere!
Keep painting, that is what makes you an artist and not your marital status.

on Friday, January 25th, Lucy said

Congratulations!!!!! :D :D. I am very happy for you. Married life is very nice. I strongly recommend it.

on Friday, January 25th, Elise said

Hi Sam, thanks for the well wishes but I highly doubt that any hearts are breaking! (It's a nice thought though)
And Lucy!
It's great to hear some positive feedback about marriage!
I think it will be great but most people start out thinking that or they'd never get married right?

Anyway, Bea might be coming up for the wedding! Any chance you could sneak away for the weekend? If you've never been to Alaska I think you'd really love it...and there will be a big party and lots of fun...hopefully. Let me know if there is even a remote possibility (and email me your mailing address so I can send you an invite).


on Friday, January 25th, Joan` said

My word, Elise, I am very happy for you but at the same time..thinking about that hell sign again...! I am in agreement with Lucy. Even when he doesn't...or forgets....or if he does it again!...that feeling of togetherness and committment deep down in the soul is a completeness beyond measure. I'm so happy for you. Love is a gift you choose to give each day. Blessings to you both.

on Friday, January 25th, Joan said

Plus, I'm excited to hear you'll be back at the blogging. I've missed you! Good luck with all your new adventures.

on Friday, January 25th, Elise said

Hi Joan!
It was your comment about being excited that I'm back to blogging that reminded me of my promise to start blogging every day again, so thanks!

And thanks for the beautiful insight into marriage. I think that you are right of course...seems there are so many divorces and so many people cynical about marriage but I'm still a believer!

Any chance you'd be interested in coming up for a visit?
Juneau is really gorgeous in July!

on Monday, January 28th, Howard said

Congrats Elise!

on Monday, January 28th, Elise said

Thanks Howard!