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04/16/2008: "Advantages of Blogging"

The weather here has been non-stop rain for weeks. I'm considering doing a series of paintings of what the world looks like through steamy, rain-streaked windows...all blurry and colorless, barely recognizable forms. Any takers?

Yesterday I got a copy of the article I wrote several months ago for Art Calendar magazine. It looks great, btw! I just felt a little embarrassed reading it, about how much better my business is doing since the blog (which is still true) but to come out the same time as my last post ranting about what a failure I am as a business person, well, the timing is a bit on the irony side for me.

Also, I emphasize the importance of blogging regularly, which I myself have not been doing of late. So if anything, this can serve as a cautionary tale. If you quit writing on your blog, people will quit reading it. Also, if you say your an "Artist" blog, but then never post any art or make any art for that matter, how long before you lose your street cred? Am I there yet?

north-douglas-beach-rain (33k image)

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on Thursday, April 17th,">A said

Hey, life gets in the way sometimes. We still love ya! :D

on Thursday, April 17th, Juneau Eco Mommie said

Rain, rain, here I come. On the road and in Juneau May 1st. I thought the day would never come. I would love you to paint a pic of my son. But maybe after the big wedding. :D

on Thursday, April 17th, Heather Haymart said

Hi Elise.
I just read your aticle in ArtCalender last night and looked you up today. I am glad I did because I got to see you are a very realistic person and artist. It made me realize that I too don't have to do everything the "right "way. Thank you for your article it was very helpful and inspiring. I will try to check in often. Best of luck and success to you!
Heather Haymart :)

on Thursday, April 17th, Elise said

Hi A, it does indeed get in the way at times!

And JEM, Yeah, I'm glad that you're finally on the road. Of course, the rain stopped today and we got 6 inches of snow! It's beautiful but I'm *so* ready for summer.

And hi Heather, thanks for checking out my site. Of course, I'm not currently following any of my own advice. That happens at times, we have our fallow periods and you just have to work through them.

I hope you'll stop by again!

on Saturday, April 19th, Karen Travel said

I have been lurking here for a while, as I am moving to Alaska (Anchorage) in August - by myself. Thought I would finally say HEY!

I love, love, love that rainy mountain pic on your blog here. Is it for sale?

on Monday, April 21st, Elise said

Hi Karen!
Thanks for the interest. That's actually one of my photographs that I've digitally manipulated in PhotoShop. That's my standard procedure before I start a painting. So, I haven't started this as a painting yet, if you're interested, you could commission me to do it as a painting for you. I already owe one commission but that's what I'm going to do since my show is canceled.

You can see the pricing at:

I'll send you an email as well.