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on Wednesday, May 21st, marja-leena said

Fantastic photos, Elise. Isn't spring wonderful!?

on Wednesday, May 21st, Elise said

Thanks Marja-leena! It is indeed wonderful, of course, we've only had a couple of sunny days this spring, but they have been gorgeous.

on Thursday, May 22nd, Erin said

Beautiful pics...I guess my welcome to Juneau was a huge electric bill too. Ouch. Lucky you, I have yet to see any bears. I think they are hiding from me ;) Enjoy your week, and I agree house hunting is oh so fun...we are do lot hunting

on Thursday, May 22nd, Brian said

That last photo is awesome!

on Friday, May 23rd, AL said

Hola! Those are great pics, especially the fiddlehead close-up! So tender and green! yum yum


on Friday, May 23rd, Elise said

Hi Brian,
Thanks! I still haven't been to the State Museum to check out your photograph but don't worry, I'll get there!

And Al, do they really taste that good? Maybe I'll have to try them out, there are probably only a few days before they are fully unfurled.

on Friday, May 23rd, Elise said

Oh, and Erin, sorry, i missed your post! Good luck with the house hunting and bear spotting. There are several up on Basin Road, check the hillside in the clearings.

Maybe this nicer weather will take the sting out of our energy bills!
And again, welcome to Juneau!

on Saturday, May 24th, berry connell said

OK, it's cool to beat the band!
"he said it's cool to beat the band."
"but, I play the trumpet in the band."
"then, maybe you better head out, eh?")
No, really. It is some fine photography, there, gal.
But, y'should ought'a warn a fella, when y'do that.
("do what")
Whenever I come over here, usually I can expect to see grand scenis views, sometimes of darn near whole mountain ranges.
It took me staring at the fist picture for a while before I realized it was a photo and not a new painting of some alien world.
Not that I would ever expect to see you paint that.
Well, I dunno... for a while, I out a parameter on myself (call it a self imposed assignment) the gist of was to paint Sun, moon, and planet into every painting. I thought it was going to be a quick thing. I mean how many different kinds of pictures COULD you come up with including all three?
Of course, being based on Earth and having a moon and sun picture was simple enough. Then I did it with a viking holding a shiny shield reflecting the sun with a full moon behind him. An obligatory; in outerspace and seeing all three. Then the surface of the moon as a base, as if one of the astronauts. Dealing tarot cards with those three signs showing. A teacher holding up a book with the moon pictured on it, the sun shining in through mountains through the window.
what am I saying?
Nice camera, girl.
The close-ups are surealistic!

on Saturday, May 24th, Kathi said

Those are beautiful pictures but the last one is absolutely amazing! "Frame-worthy" to say the least! Your energy woes do sound painful. It almost makes me feel bad complaining about $4/gal gas in WI!!

on Saturday, May 24th, dad said

second photo reminds me of the plant in, little shop of horrors,eat

on Monday, May 26th, berry connell said

Even the guy who says he's yopu r dad says they're strange looking!

So, who is that guy?
Your dad?

No, really? He is?

Hi, Mr. Elise's Dad! :D

on Monday, May 26th, Elise said

Hi Kathi,
Thanks, that last photo is my fav also...and ddad, it's FEED ME!
And yes Berry, that is actually my papa...

on Tuesday, May 27th, dad said

and berry, not since the 60s. inside joke.

on Friday, June 6th, Steve Braziller said

Hi, & greetings from Indian Township in northeastern Maine. where I teach elementary art. I stumbled onto your site, & am delighted by your work & commentary. I am absolutely thrilled by the photo "basin-poison-swirls". Thanks.

on Friday, June 6th, Elise said

Hi Steve!
Thanks so much for the kind words. If you like, I can send you a higher resolution version of that photo so you could set it as your desktop photo or print it out.

Let me know!