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05/27/2008: "What a (3-day) Weekend!"

This week in Juneau has been amazing! Sunny skies since Thursday I believe. I have been having a blast, going for walks, hikes, bike-rides, etc.

This past Memorial Day weekend Aaron and I hiked out to the back of Mayflower Island to photograph the start of the Juneau Cup sailing race. We were supposed to be on the boat with the purple and yellow sails but we decided to stay in town and get stuff done instead...which we did...but we also had a chance to play.

memorial-weekend-08-joyspri (57k image)

Sunday night we went to our special spot on Thane beach to camp and it was heavenly.

This is why I live here! I have to remember these days once the rains return...but for now, my batteries are fully charged.

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on Tuesday, May 27th, Juneau Eco Mommie said

Amazing weather, I am loving it too! I actually got sunburned in my bathing suit!!

on Tuesday, May 27th, berry connell said

Y'know, I'm still having a hard time figuring out how you "enjoy" the beaches in Alaska.

No disrespect meant, mind you...
My legs get cold just seeing the boats AND the snow on the mountains back there in the photo.

I'm gonna go make a hot chocolate. Want some?

on Wednesday, May 28th, Brian said

I was wondering if that was your car I saw out Thane Monday morning. I went out there for a run, but you two weren't in sight.

I'm beginning to like this thing they call sunshine!

on Thursday, May 29th, Elise said

Hi JEM, I've been having to wear sun screen and I'm loving it!

And Berry, there may be snow on the mountains but at sea level, it's been quite toasty...close to 70 degrees lately. We didn't go swimming or anything, but just camping on the beach with a fire and looking up at the stars, can be a lot of fun.

Oh, but I never turn down hot chocolate!

And Brian, yes that was my car you saw. Shhhhh, don't give away our super secret spot!

on Sunday, June 1st, katéri said

Hi Elise, I'm still feeding on the virtual breath of open-air, life and art that is your blog. A healthier escape than a Desperate Housewife episode ;-).

I started to post my own stuff on a timidly growing blog of my own. I thought it would be decent to share (I placed the link in this form).

Enjoy the sun & big nature,

on Monday, June 2nd, AL said

Elise, that looks like a beautiful place to go sailing! Glad to hear the weather is good and you can enjoy the outdoors.

on Monday, June 2nd, Elise said

Hi Kateri,
Thanks for the link to your blog, I will check it out after work! Sadly, the sun has gone away again, but ahhhh, it was beautiful for awhile.
And AL, it *is* such an amazing place to sail, and I haven't been out sailing once yet this season.
I can imagine it's pretty nice where you live as well!