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08/04/2005: "Sicky McSick"

So, I'm supposed to hang my show tonight and of course I've come down with pre-show exhaustion/liquin related illness...not sure what I'll do now? Anyway, I thought I could at least post an image of the final version of the woman with the mountain valley cleft :)

1dreaming (54k image)

I know some of you will think I ruined it, but I just wanted to play around and I actually like it better so nah nah na nah nah!

also, posting the file for my new business cards if anyone is interested in how I did them plus you can see thumbnails of all the finished paintings. businesscards-bluegrass.doc (1400k file) (warning, it's a big file, may take awhile to download, and it's in microsoft word...if the alignment looks funky, it's set up to work with my funky printer)

ok, back to bed.

btw, this is the coolest blog I've ever seen: post a secret (thanks Julie!)

Replies: 4 Comments

on Thursday, August 4th, dave from Nebraska said

Very nice.
I'm partial to saturated colors.
And cool website link too.
Feel better soon.

on Thursday, August 4th,">Jackie said

I love what you did with the painting! It is much more surrealistic now - but I love that about it. The color is awesome - wish I could see it in real life!
Oh - btw - here's a link to a site that's strange - but you may enjoy it. I know you like zombie movies, so wierd/gross cartoons may be your ticket too. Plus I know you have messed around some with Flash and here goes:
Hope you feel better! And welcome back - though we didn't have to miss you, since you blogged while you were gone!

on Friday, August 5th, RR said

I love the finished "woman with the mountain valley cleft " colours are fantastic.

on Friday, August 5th, Elise said

Thanks guys...i hope you're not just saying that because of how desperate I sounded in my post...but even if that's the makes me feel better. When I first changed it

I really botched it before I went on my trip and I was thinking I'd have to keep it out of the show so I'm relieved that I've fixed it.