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Wednesday, October 31st

Happy Halloween!

The University of Alaska Southeast, (where I work) *really* get's into Halloween. Each year departments compete to see who can come up with the best overall theme, the best decorated department, and the best departmental costumes. Each year the library (where I work) loses, but we still have fun.

elise-paints-lana-07 (48k image)

The library's theme this year was to coincide with the International Polar Year and raise awareness of Climate Change. We decorated the North and South Poles. Above I am doing the facepainting for one of my co-workers who was a starving polar bear.

library-halloween-07 (56k image)

This is a photo of me with my co-workers. I'm the one in the very front!

maren-cat-halloween-07 (44k image)

I also painted my friend Maren's face this year for a costume party. MEOW!

cannibal-pumpkin-07 (48k image)

And tonight, for the big event, I carved pumpkins for the porch, though we tend to get very few trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood especially since the neighborhood trick-or-treat party was already held on Saturday.
I'm still holding my breath that we may get one or two brave souls.

In other news, Aaron and Rob and I went and saw 30 Days of Night for the Sat. late show. I thought it was really scary and fun but Aaron thought it was corny and I got the feeling that Rob was only saying it was "kinda good" to make me feel better. It had some obvious plot holes, like the whole town of Barrow (Alaska) was cut off for 30 days because planes obviously can't fly in the dark! And no one noticed that they hadn't heard from anyone there in 30 days! And actually it's dark there for over 2 months, but who's counting!

Anyway, you don't go to VAMPIRE movies to nit pick, am I right???

After the movie we walked around downtown Juneau looking checking out all the costumes. We were joking about how all the women's costumes were "sexy"...I never got that concept. In high school and college I always dressed up like zombies or some other scary, nasty monster. Rob sent me this link to a funny commercial for women's costumes that really nails it!.

So, what's the verdict? Do you still love Halloween as much as I do???

Elise on 10.31.07 @ 06:28 PM AK [link]

Wednesday, October 24th

One Year Ago Today (+ or - a few days)

gustavus-by-plane-mountains (45k image)

gustavus-by-plane-mountains2 (44k image)

gustavus-by-plane-mountains3 (33k image)

gustavus-by-plane-tidal (88k image)

arron-elise-gustavus-1-year (165k image)

So, Aaron and I went to Gustavus this past weekend to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of when we officially started dating. It was really beautiful and we had a fun and relaxing time. The flight there, as you can see from the above photos, was beautiful. The flight back was freaking terrifying!

We were in this little Bush plane and there were high winds and low visibility, a storm was coming in and we had to fly really low and the plane was jolting up and down and swinging side to side. It was terrible, I was so afraid, I kept trying to remember how long a person could survive in open Alaskan waters without a survival suit (15-20 minutes).

Then I started having crash, the plane goes down and Aaron's unconcious so I have to swim him to shore (we've *all* had rescue fantasies right?)...but in the end we arrived safely and Aaron made it seem like it wasn't that bad compared to other flights he's been on which...I don't see how.

This week I've been having a tougher time than usual with the weather and the lack of light. I have this monster light box (for SAD) at my desk and from out in the public part of the library my office glows like a plutonium field (do they glow?). Everyone makes fun of me for it but screw it, I haven't been able to get out of bed at all the past couple of days and I've been really late to work and I think it's the fact we've been losing about a half an hour of daylight a week for awhile now.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Game One of the World Series. I've become a big Red Sox fan and I can't wait to watch them kick Colorado's butt!
Don't worry, I'm still an artist underneath it's just another little dry spell. Next week I'll start going back to life drawing sessions at the Ruby Room. Hopefully that will get me in the mood again.

Elise on 10.24.07 @ 10:25 PM AK [link]

Saturday, October 13th

I Bought a New Painting!

So, it's a beautiful, partially sunny Sat. morning and I've just come from downtown where I had a cup of coffee with an old friend I haven't had the chance to hang out with much. We had a nice conversation and afterwards I wandered around, window shopping for a bit. Then I remembered that I missed local artist Asha Falcon's recent show at Annie Kaill's due to my back injury so I went to check it out. My favorite painting was still available so I bought it!

I tell you what, once you start buying original art work it gets really addicting. The first piece I ever bought (in art school we all just made trades) was a piece called Ice Map by Rob Roys. Since then I've purchased 3 or 4 pieces but each time it has been thrilling. I wish I had more money for art but I'm seriously trying to get out of debt right now.

I went and looked at a few more shows, then stopped by Rob Roy's studio to see if he was there painting (he wasn't) but it still put me in the mood to paint. So I'm home now, Aaron is at work this afternoon so I have the place to myself. I think I'll clean some brushes and just start...see what happens. I have *plenty* of time until my next show so I'm just going to have fun and do what Berry (the Boneman) does...paint paint paint (I am so impressed with how much painting he gets done!).

I'll let you know how it goes...

Elise on 10.13.07 @ 12:13 PM AK [link]

Friday, October 12th

Don't Advertise Your Man

Well, I'm going against my own advice here but I just have to say, my boyfriend is the best!

Last night I was in a lot of pain (again) from my back and he convinced me to let him crack my back for me. I have been seeing a chiropractor and the last adjustment made me feel better for a little while, but then the pain was back strong as ever.

So, he cracked and popped away and I felt instantly better. Today I have a little residual soreness but nothing like the constant stabbing pain I've been feeling. Plus, he's been giving me these amazing daily massages without me even having to ask!

I know I haven't been the most enjoyable person to be around these past several weeks either...the constant pain has made me boring and moody. I haven't been painting or doing anything helpful around the house either. He, on the other hand, has been cleaning and installed shelving, a new cabinet in my bathroom, and installed a programable thermostat upstairs.

He is so good to me, so patient and caring. I really do feel amazingly lucky to have him. After years and years (a lifetime) as a hard core, dyed in the wool Singleton, I feel like I've won the boyfriend JACKPOT!

Life drawing sessions at the Ruby Room are starting up again next week and I promise that as soon as my back stablizes and I can start working again, I'll be back to posting and writing about art...but for the time being...I felt a little tongue waggin was in order...

Enjoy this jazz classic!

Don't Advertise Your Man by Clara Smith.

This tongue twister
A big mouth sister
Had herself a loving piece

She had a way of braggin
Kept her tongue a waggin
With every woman sheíd meet

So her bosom friend
Found her lovin man
And he quit her
Cold as ice

And she never had
A word to say
But has given every woman this advice

Open your eyes
Women be wise
And donít advertise your man

Itís alright to have a little
Bird in the bush
But it aninít like the one
That youíve got in your hand

Your head will hang low
And your heart will ache
You are fattenin a frog
For a pampered snake

So take a tip
And hold your lip
And donít advertise your man

Donít be a nut
Keep your mouth shut
And donít advertise your man

Itís alright to blow about
your hat or your dress
But never talk about the man
That you love the best

Rave about the things
Your lovin man can do
Some other woman sure
To take him away from you

So take a tip
And hold your lip
And donít advertise your man
Take my advice
And donít advertise your man

Elise on 10.12.07 @ 11:43 AM AK [link]